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By Ruxandra Mindruta on October 25th 2017

The key to making the most of social media is listening to what your audience has to say about you, your competitors, and the market in general. Once you have the data you can undertake analysis, and finally, reach social business intelligence; using all these insights to know your customers better and improve your marketing strategy.

If you are a social media rookie, this list of the Top Free Social Media Monitoring Tools might come in handy. When looking for a tool, it’s a good idea to try a couple of them and choose the one that suits your needs best.

However, bear in mind that these tools are not an alternative to Enterprise-level tools, such as Brandwatch, which brought social media monitoring to a new level, offering a much higher variety of services, functionality, and in-depth analysis. It all depends on your needs.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best free monitoring tools:

1) Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the best free social media listening tools available and covers multiple social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Foursquare and Google+. It is well known for its social media management functions.

The weekly reports and the excellent team management facility (delegating tasks, sending private messages) can be very useful when there’s more than one person handling the social media accounts.

Hootsuite Social Media Listening Tool

2) TweetReach

TweetReach is a great monitoring tool for your business if you’re interested in checking how far your Tweets travel. TweetReach measures the actual impact and implications of social media discussions.

It is a good way of finding out who are your most influential followers, implicitly guiding you towards the right people you should be targeting when aiming to share and promote online content.

TweetReach is social media listening for twitter

3) Klout

Klout is probably one of the most controversial social media monitoring tools. There are those who hate it and claim that its scoring system is completely inaccurate and that trying to interact with them is an impossible mission (a curious thing as they provide interaction-measurement services).

On the other hand, some people find it useful, as it measures influence through engagement on Twitter. It is a good means of keeping an eye on what people think about your brand, and to see what influences them the most.

Using the Klout score you can adjust your posts according to your target audience’s interests and increase your engagement rate.

klout - social monitoring that assigns a score to each user

4) Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a great tool for content research, but it also has an excellent way to analyze and monitor your Facebook pages. Along with metrics around each individual post, more interestingly is the ability to see what content performs best.

Buzzsumo will tell you what day is the best to post, how long your posts should be, what types of content works best, and monthly stats over time.

Socialmention is one of the best social media monitoring tools

5) Twazzup

Twazzup is great for social media beginners looking for a Twitter monitoring tool. You just enter the name you want to track and you instantly get real-time updates, meaning the most active top influencers, most retweeted photos and links, and most importantly, the top 10 keywords related to your search.

twazzup helps you listen to online media

6) Boardreader

Sometimes we forget that social media doesn’t just include the big players. Forums and messaging boards count too. Boardreader allows you to search for specific terms on a range of different forums to see what people are saying about you.

Putting in a term will returns a list of all of these posts up to the previous two years, you can generate charts to look for trends, and compare terms against each other. It’s a great way to find conversations about your brand.

A brand mention monitoring chart from Boardreader

7) HowSociable

HowSociable is a handy tool for measuring your and your competitors’ social media presence.

A free account allows you to track 12 social sites, including Tumblr and WordPress. However, if you’re interested in 24 more, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. a pro account is required.

HowSociable’s approach to social monitoring is a bit different as it breaks down scores for different social media platforms, allowing you to see which social media platforms work best for you and which ones need further development.

how-socialable for online media monitoring

8) Likealyzer

This free tool allows you to analyze your Facebook page. It gives you a good roundup of stats, while there’s some benchmarking and competitors options in the pipeline.

The tool from Meltwater gives you a page rank of their own creation called ‘Likerank’. You can also get info on engagement, likes over time, and your ranking against similar pages. It’s a very good tool to get a quick top-line analysis of your Facebook page

The Likealyzer social media monitoring tool

9) TweetDeck

TweetDeck covers the basic needs of any Twitter user, so is a good option for beginners. It’s a great tool for scheduling tweets and monitoring your interactions and messages, as well as tracking hashtags and managing multiple accounts. There is a web app, chrome ap, or mac app. The Windows app ceased functioning in April 2016.

tweetdeck helps you schedule tweets, and monitor your twitter better

Brandwatch Analytics

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10) Mention

Mention monitors million of sources in 42 languages, helping you stay on top of all your brand mentions on social networks, news sites, forums, blogs or any web page.

The app lets you keep track of your team’s actions, share alerts and assign tasks. Generating reports and exporting mentions can help you get a snapshot of your mentions by source or language over a selected period of time. They offer a 14-day free trial.

mention - free online listening tool

11) Twitonomy

Twitonomy offers a range of metrics for free, with premium features enabled for $19/month. Simply sign in with your Twitter account for robust monitoring and metrics about your account. You can add your competitor’s Twitter handles to gain insights about their activity too.

Twitonomy shows you details of your Twitter lists, followers and followings, your most popular Tweets, engagement statistics and much more.

You can track conversations on Twitter based on hashtags, users, or lists. The details are displayed in graphs and easily digestible stats.

Twitonomy is used for analysing tweets

12) Followerwonk

Focusing specifically on Twitter, Followerwonk is the right tool to find, analyze and optimize your online presence for social growth.

The tool is perfect for planning outreach campaigns by allowing you to search Twitter bios, connect with influencers or fans and break them out by location, authority, number of followers and more.

Interestingly, with Followerwonk you can compare your social graph to competitors, friends or industry leaders and measure how well you are doing.

followerwonk is a free social media tracking tool from Moz

13) SumAll

Targeted at small-medium businesses, SumAll is a cross-platform social media monitoring tool that will help you understand the correlation between your social channels.

The user interface does take a bit of time to get familiar with, but there are an extensive amount of metrics you can analyze.

The daily email updates can give you a quick overview of top-level stats for your account compared to the previous week, allowing you to quickly react and respond to urgent issues.

sumall is a great online social tool

14) Simply Measured

Simply Measured makes it easy to analyze your paid, owned and earned activity. The main suite is a paid tool, but it can still be used to create free individual reports for Facebook and Instagram.

They provide insights such a lot of insight around Facebook pages and competitors, while the Instagram tool will analyze an account to see where its strengths and weaknesses are.

simply measured - great graphs

15) Google Alerts

With Google Alerts you can monitor the web for interesting new content, mentions of your brand or even yourself, your competitors, industry leaders and so on. As they’re extremely easy to set up, this is social media montioring for beginners.

By creating a Google Alert, you will receive email notifications every time Google finds new results on a topic that interests you across blogs, forums and news sites.

google alerts is a great beginners tool

It should be clear if you’ve got this far that the social listening tool space is a crowded one.

We’ve developed our own social media monitoring technology with larger, more sophisticated organisations in mind, but we hope this list for getting started is a useful foundation.

If you are interested in seeing what more advanced tools like Brandwatch can offer, the please do get in touch by booking a demo.

Start listening

Discover the world’s leading social media monitoring platform for yourself.

Find out more
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  • Thanks for the great story Ruxandra ! May I also recommend I have recently switched over to there pro-version account and i have been very happy with there service. They offer a free trial and they have a app for our smartphone so you can monitor on the go!

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  • Ruxandra

    Hi, Jimmy! Many thanks for your comment… we’ve included Mention in our previous post on top SMM tools ( thanks for sharing its key features, though!

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  • Chitraparna Sinha

    Excellent list. Would recommend as well. It is an awesome tool :)

  • Ruxandra

    Many thanks for reading the article and sharing your feedback! :-)

  • I like your post on Social Media Tools, Undoubtedly you have send great message to people who are very keen learner on Social Media. I’m also using one of the social media tools for monitoring and tracking is Easesocial. This influence me very much.

    Best Regards
    Digital Marketing Executive

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  • Hi Ruxandra,
    thanks for the overview. We also just create an overview of all current available monitoring tools. Now I can add a few providers on again. :-)


  • Angela Davies

    Just a thought but maybe you should look at buzzbundle from link assistant – there is a free and paid version of it and when I checked it was the only tool I could find that monitored youtube and Google + , and it’s installed on your PC / mac rather than being pay per month cloud based etc

  • John O’Riordain

    Frankly speaking, I was surprised not to find BuzzBundle which I’ve
    been using for quite a while now. I’d recommend including it in the list
    as well.

  • oLger J. Simpson

    I would recommend CrowdRatio, is still in beta but the fact that they’re looking to incorporate business intelligence charts and advanced analytics to the reports says a lot of the kind of tool they’re building.

  • tracysestili

    But the issue is that no one wants to download something on their computer these days. They’d much rather run it in the cloud or from the website.

  • tracysestili

    I need a tool that monitors Facebook activity, specifically a post or image URL. But can’t seem to find one. Anyone?


  • Thanks.

  • Brad Neathery

    Hootsuite and Klout for sure! Missing a couple that I would highly recommend!

    -SproutSocial – analyzing and insight gathering.

    -SocialRest – Tracks conversions made from social influencers engagements with your brand.

    Other than that, great list!

  • daniel

    yeah these are great tools but i must say that miss leading your readers by saying free when it is not is unproffesional and the same as spamming in my book….lie to people for traffic andad payments…you should be ashamed

  • Thanks for your feedback Brad, we’ll have a closer look at them in our next review.

  • Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Merci :)

  • Hi Tracy. Have you looked into our Facebook channels? It allows our users to monitor their Facebook activity and much more

  • Ruxandra

    Hi Daniel!

    Thank you for your comment. The tools I’ve recommended are indeed free, but there are always cases when free platforms also offer the option to pay for more features or in-depth insights, it all depends on your needs!

  • Hi Olger, thank you for your recommendation! The reason why we didn’t include CrowdRatio is because we only wanted to list the top free tools.

  • I agree with your point :) I prefer cloud service

  • piyush

    I want to give freelance work to team or appoint team for social media marketing. please suggest me how can i monitor and get report of work done by each member in team

  • TheEv1lMonkey

    Amazing blog, very humble to give such detailed analysis of other tools and leave such a small call to action for your own. Thank you for sharing your insight.

  • Great information, I really like all your post. I will keep visiting this blog very often. It’s good to visit your website. And also please Read link bvba Woodstone which provide information server monitoring software & Network monitoring tools

  • ian143

    But $200 is a bit too expensive how about free?

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  • Jordan

    One that was not mentioned here was #evalue analytics, its an amazing platform for monitoring and overall analytics. You guys should check it out:

  • Glad you find it helpful! Thanks.

  • Hi piyush. We’re happy to help you with that. Could you please send an email to iris (at) Thanks.

  • Saul Dekel

    I would like to recommend It is free and you can monitor the major social networks as well as monitor cross analytical data such as number of facebook likes on a youtube clip

  • Satya

    Hootsuite isn’t free anymore and they closed my free account without letting me know. Not good business.

  • Hi Satya,

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Hootsuite. Free accounts are still available: Perhaps you can try contacting support to find out more? Or drop them a line on one of their social accounts?

    Best of luck,


  • Ruxandra, very nicely handled. You are an amazingly excellent community manager/customer success expert. You’ve been doing a really outstanding job here. @vikchaudhary on Twitter.

  • Young

    Are there any good social media industry intelligence tools? Something that can help with researching by vertical activity?

  • Hi Young, there are lots of great social intelligence platforms but it all depends on what you’re looking for. We’d be happy to show you how you can research by vertical activity with our platform if you like:

  • Ah, yes, she’s one of the best! :)

  • all are the good tool, for SEO point of view…

  • Robert

    Great article

  • Ha, thanks! Glad you find it of interest.

  • Thanks a lot. Glad you enjoyed it.

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  • Mrigank

    Hi Ruxandra, This is Mrigank from the socialclout team. SocialClout is complete suite of tools that help Businesses to manage their social media marketing and monitoring initiatives. It Includes Monitoring, Listening, Engagement workflow, Social Media Analytics and Social Media lead generation. Would request you to visit and try out our 30 day free trial. This tool would be a great asset to the marketing teams of small businesses.

  • programmer

    Hi,please check it is one of the best and free social monitoring tools,you can get daily email reports of social media stats,

  • interesant

  • Hi Ruxandra, These are great set of tools. This is Mrigank from the socialclout team. SocialClout is a complete suite of tools that help Businesses to manage their social media marketing and monitoring initiatives. It Includes Monitoring, Listening, Engagement workflow, Social Media Analytics and Social Media lead generation and competitve analysis.I Would request you to visit to evaluate by trying out our 30 day free trial. Would appreciate your feedback.This tool would be a great asset to the marketing teams of small businesses because it is rich in feature and competitive in pricing.

  • John

    I tried Knotlink and its very user friendly. Its free too! Try it out guys!

  • Thanks for the tip John. We’ll check it out!

  • Glad you find it helpful.

  • A good read!

  • Esther Yen

    This is quite useful post and I really like this article. One thing, I’m just curios about which social monitor tools can be send the notifications when the sites getting new comment/feedback. Could you recommend it?

  • Jayant Singh

    Great information….

    I also suggest to check out –, a Social Media Management Service on Monthly Subscription.They will manage your entire social media, end-to-end, everything.

  • Sudeep Kumar

    The list is is very helpful for a socail media analytics…
    Wanna just add an information about the new analytical tool i.e. SocialClout, which according to me consist of a complete suite of tools that help Businesses to manage
    their social media marketing and monitoring initiatives. It Includes
    Monitoring, Listening, Engagement workflow, Social Media Analytics, Social
    Media lead generation and competitive analysis.
    I would ask you to visit and evaluate by trying out our 30 day free trial. Would appreciate your
    feedback. This tool would be a great asset to the marketing teams of small
    businesses because it is rich in feature and competitive in pricing.

  • Sproutsocial, klout and buffer (which is similar to hootsuite) also featured in an article of most preferred online tools by top entrepreneurs here

  • check their tos and if you are not in breach then proceed to support, reachout on twitter they are very active there.

  • woow thanks for this article, i’m Tresna Apriansyah From Indonesia, Thanks

  • This is a great list and I found IceRocket which I never tried before! Thanks! If you’re looking for great PR tools check out this list – might find something new

  • Chandu Romeo

    Absolutely amazing tools

  • momo ni

    i do count alot to google plus i like it so much. and thank you for the Great list of SEO tools !! I will always checking my Google, facbook and twitter insights. its good to know about other tools too !! العاب تلوين

  • Hi Michél, thanks for your feedback. I love how your site maps monitoring tools all over the world. Does it only focus on social media monitoring tools, or also on tools that focus on social media management / engagement? And does it consider both paid and free tools? I’d be happy to add a few monitoring tools to the list. Thanks for the tip!

  • Thanks for the tip. We’ll check it out.

  • Thanks so much!

  • Hi Jayant, thanks for your suggestion. We’ll look into it!

  • Hi Tresna. Glad you find it helpful! Greetings from NY ;)

  • Thanks Chandu. The list with social media monitoring tools is endless, but these are definitely some of the top free ones. Glad you find it helpful.

  • Thanks for your kind words Amma. We’ll take a look at Woodstone next time we update our review.

  • Thanks for your comment Momo!

    It’s best to analyze the market for a variety of tools to make sure you find the right one that fits your requirements. If you’re a big fan of Google plus, these tools might be of interest: Google+ expert, Adam Connell, has listed some great tools can help you measure and improve your Google+ page performance.

    All the best,

  • Hi BlogsRelease, thanks for sharing your feedback & your article! What a great list of PR tools you have there. We only focused on free social media monitoring tools in this post, but some of them are useful from a PR perspective as well. Would be great to hear which PR & social media monitoring tools help you in your job! :)

  • Thanks so much for your feedback Timooc! We’ve listed Klout as one of the top free tools in this post. I also love how Buffer allows me to share great content on my social channels from anywhere on the web, Sproutsocial is a great tool as well, but they don’t seem to offer a free plan, which is why we didn’t review them here. Thanks for sharing your most preferred tools with us!

  • Hi Iris, thanks for the reply! We would be glad to share with you more tools, if you’re interested we can collaborate on a guest post? Would be so great to contribute to Brandwatch!

  • Hi BlogsRelease. That sounds great! I’d love to collaborate. Could you please email iris(at)brandwatch(dot)com? Would love to hear your feedback on more tools. Thanks!

  • Hi Esther, glad you find it helpful! There are a few tools that allow you to do that. Have you checked Google Alerts of Brandwatch’s alerts feature yet ( Let me know if you need some more tips.

  • Thanks! The tools listed are really great from a social listening point of view, and free of charge.

  • Hi Imran! Thanks for the tip. We’ll check it out in our next review.

  • Danny ruthe

    One question, I want to track competitor’ like source on facebook. They are getting around 60 likes/minute and I don’t think this is genuine. If anyone knows a tool to check whether like are genuine or not then please give me.

  • Rachel Jean-Pierre

    Great article!
    Just want to inform you Addictomatic (#6) is no longer in service!

  • Hi Rachel, thanks for telling us! We’ll look into it in and edit it in our next review.

  • Vinitaji Ramani

    i am now trying you may try to create and share any of your topic. Good to create any media or document file in groups.

  • Apurva

    A very comprehensive list of tools. I would like to suggest adding DrumUp ( to this list. It discovers content and queues it for automatic/manual posting.

  • Hi Apurva, thanks for sharing. We’ll have a look.

  • Hi Mrigank, we only considered free social media monitoring tools in this article, but we can check it out in our next review.

  • Adi Morag

    I think you should also add to the list. I’ve using them for my business and they offering more channels on one software than the ones above, and for a lower price.

  • great post admin tanck you so much العاب كرة القدم

  • Martyna Tarnawska

    Hello, great list! I’ll share it with me audience, because I think it’s very useful :)

    I wanna just add an information about the new analytical tool, not free, but cheaper than other one (pricing starts with less than $50), called Brand24. It has excellent social media monitoring and analytic capabilities. Would love to show you Brand24 sometime.

    Best regards,


  • Thank you for this article, Ruxandra, but what about Yoono? It’s completely free, and what TweetDeck wishes it was:

  • Had a quick look at the app. Looks easy to use! Thanks for sharing Daniel.

  • Excellent list of powerful tools. Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice post with us. Would recommend as well. It is an awesome Twitter management tool.

  • Thanks! We’ll check it out.

  • Onlypult

    what about us?) – the best tool for scheduling Instagram posts! Onlypult is a service for posting scheduled Instagram updates. You can upload images from your computer, apply filters from the web, manage one or multiple Instagram accounts, give an SMM manager posting rights without giving them access to your brand’s Instagram account

  • Aveek

    any good tools to list my twitter followers by country?

  • ProcessMyMedia

    With ApiFlow (, you can easily develop workflow-based applications with no coding that use Social Media Apis (twitter, google, facebook…) and meet the exact needs of your business.

  • Hi Onlypult! Looks like you’re offering Instagram scheduling and editing capabilities based on 3 different price plans. In this article we only focused on free social media monitoring tools which is why we haven’t checked it out. Thanks for sharing though.

  • Hi Aveek, have you tried Twocation or Tweepsmap yet? Or perhaps there’s a tool for you listed here: Good luck in your search!

  • That is a great list of the useful SaaS tools. I would also add to the list.

    It offers great features, awsome technical support, and it is free. Strongly recommend it.

    I also work for Reachpod and I am very happy to be a part of a strongly growing organization.

  • Thanks for sharing Emi. We’ll check it out

  • Wolfgang Zeglovits

    Hi Martyna, I like the look of brand24. Also have a look at please. It offers a 14 days test period and has no results limit.

  • When it comes to scheduling posts to your instagram from your PC should def be on this list.

  • Ograddy

    Here is a sentiment analysis search engine I would recommend also :

  • Tom Hirons

    Would you please advise me which of these platforms is/are regarded as most compatible with the PIER System (Public Information Emergency Response)?

  • Tommy Wales

    If you want to monitor how the world’s journalists are tweeting about your brand or products, Anewstip ( is a great tool. It allows you to search through realtime and historical tweets since 2006 by close to 1 million journalists, including those from CNN, New York Times, BBC, etc. It’s Alerts feature allows you to monitor those journalists’ Twitter timelines on an hourly basis.

  • Ruxandra

    Hi Danny – This article offers some pretty useful advice, have a look:

  • Ruxandra

    Hi Tom, feel free to request demos or reach out to these tools directly, there are plenty of options. If you’re looking for best crisis management tools, I’d recommend giving Brandwatch a try, our clients often use the platform for PR tracking purposes, and there several features specifically designed for crisis management, such as custom real-time alerts or our recently launched feature, Signals. You can read more here: :-)

  • Vincent Perro

    Good thoughts, but i think you should’ve added some more tools for Instagram. For example a web app for mass unfollowing –, it can do up to 5000 unsubscriptions per day. is the best for scheduling posts so your media activity don’t stop even if you’re chilling by the ocean taking new photos. By the way is now, any names with insta- or – gram are now banned by instagram itself.

  • Ruxandra

    Great observation, Vincent and thanks a lot for your suggestions – I’ll be looking into Instagram tools in the near future, as it will be our core focus in an upcoming post.. happy to share that with you when it goes live.

  • George West

    Thank you so much!

  • George West

    I searched a long time for the posting of deferred service Instagram, but found free service. I tried a lot and can recommend to schedule
    posts on instagram use 4 months and all is well.

  • Romon Fab

    already use instagram for marketing my business (local shop), and I searched a long time for the posting of deferred service Instagram, but found free service.I want to recommend way to schedule posts on instagram use 4 months and all is well.

  • Maciej Klowan

    I think that you should add here they are really cool

  • Rajoo Alu

    Yes,George this one is good, I found it here on

  • Echospace Agency

    Just wanted to give some credit to you on this post. We use a few of these in the office but just wanted to give the credit that it deserves. We may do a similar blog but target it at just platforms for example. The best for Twitter, the best for Facebook, the best for Instagram etc we’ll let you know. Thanks again and well done for the post

  • ondi gusho it is a social media management for free, unlimited accounts and posts

  • Digisha Patel

    No doubt this is an excellent list but I suggest SocialPilot because it’s a user-friendly as well as the great alternative to Buffer and Hootsuite. The best features of SocialPilot is scheduling post that allows to create schedules for posting on social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

    Branding: Personalized Facebook branding is possible
    RSS feeds: I can share post with 20 RSS feeds.
    Account group: Now I can easily create unlimited social media accounts for my post.
    Free plan: I can manage total 100 posts in a queue

    I have been suggesting to my collogues and developer as well.

    Hope this helps.

  • kruger

    One more – a twitter emotion analysis and instant poll tool

  •, this is the best site for Maths and English tutorials.

  • Karina_Orlova

    Among such splendid instruments like Google alerts or Hootsuite, i would recomend – service for delayed posting with the simpliest interface in the world and ability to customize content for each social net (facebook, twitter, Linkedin + soon will be released Pinterest, Reddit and Google+).

    Also now it’s absolutely free to use and have no ads -so, welcome!

  • I am using all of the apps except SumAll. I guess its not so necessary for me. I am already getting all the alerts from mention and google alert tools.

  • Simran Niftaliev the best tool for monitoring in social media

  • Iola Ivanova

    I want to show you one more useful web If must see your Kid’s/ Teen’s Facebook timeline if you are NOT friend with them.

  • Loïc Joachim

    I made an app to analyse your personal Facebook data. I wanted to know more about a photo album I had posted but no tools allowed me to do that, so I made one:
    No graphs, just lots of pretty pictures. Also it is completely free and we store none of your data.

  • Frank Manatos


  • Game On
  • Trackalytics Trackalytics also provides free social media and website monitoring tools. You don’t even need to register, simply search for your social media account or website and we will begin tracking it daily.

  • GsUpHoesDown2

    Hootsuite, for example, is free. If you want more features other than the basics then you have to pay. That is normal.

  • Digisha

    Nice list of tools Indeed! except Hootsuite all tools are new for me. Also, I would like to recommend as it allows to schedule your post across Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest. It is user-friendly and affordable as well.

  • Madura Maha

    Thanks so Much for sharing such great information …

  • Marya Ryspaeva

    I do not know how the other instruments, but true statistics and analytics is the foundation for building a plan for promoting the social pages. Especially when you can analyze the competition, is not this cool? And I’m doing it in, as it allows the tool to get all the statistics and analytics competitors, to compare the page and watch all the graphs.

  • Fling Poo On You

    My business has so many variables that cookie cutter solutions don’t really work for me so I wind up writing solutions myself (if it’s SOMEWHAT reasonable and easy). I don’t remember how I found this guy’s website, but most everything discussed on this page- he’s written open source versions of. I’m now doing business with him and saving myself headaches.
    He’s does GREAT work-

  • franco

    Thanks Prince. That’s very true. A lot of bloggers I talk to don’t use either so it’s a good point about them not being highlighted too much. They do work very well. weebly games

  • leto_leto

    This article is pure bs written by someone who knows nothing about design, biology, molecular structures, dna etc. Pretty much anything scientific. Whoever studied the importance of the phi number will understand how all nature and the return universe evolves around and is based on the number.

  • Aleks

    Hello There!
    You forgot network. This is GoBabl – social media monitoring tool.

  • BuzzLogger
  • NoelSarah

    Topsy is now closed, FYI!

  • Kit Smith

    Hi Sarah, thanks for highlighting that Topsy has closed. We’ve updated the list by replacing Topsy with Twitonomy, another free Twitter analytics tool.

  • Very impressed with Google alerts, thanks for having that in the list. Are there any other social listening services like that where we can get alerts when particular keyphrases are mentioned in particular regions? Most of the social listening services show global results, which isn’t very useful.

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