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Published July 25th 2011

Top 5 Social Media…Top 5s

Social Media loves a top 5, or a top 10, or a top 7, or any number of ‘top’ things really.

Tools, tips, mistakes, ideas, ways, applications, solutions; all manner of things make their way into top lists. If someone has enough expertise or has acquired the knowledge to make an accurate and comprehensive list, it’s a great way to distill the information down for those who are less au fait with the subject.

The trouble is that, more and more frequently, authors and bloggers seem to be taking advantage of the eye-catching nature of top lists, and populating them with some rather dubious content.

So, to demonstrate our extensive knowledge in the subject of social media Top 5s, we decided to round up our Top 5 Social Media Top 5s, without a hint of irony.

You may notice some of these are Top 10s rather than Top 5s, we felt this would help keep us in line with the traditional randomness and inconsistencies of many social media top 5s.

1. MC Hammer’s Top 5 Books for Social Media Success

Think again if you thought he was little more than an untouchable one hit wonder; a heavyweight Twitter user (over 2m followers) and established online entrepreneur, Mr. Hammer demonstrates the expanse of his expertise in the digital arena with his top printed social media reads.

2. Top 5 Social Media Inspired Baby Names

There are already couples out there naming their children “Like” and “Facebook” – is there worse to come?

3. Top 5 Social Media Tools to Plan your Retirement

The silver surfers are often described as the fastest growth group in online usage, but will they really be planning their retirement using these kind of tools?

4. Top 10 Social Media Competencies for Librarians

A classic Top 10 where most of the points really apply to anyone, the fact that they apply to librarians too is merely incidental.

5. Top 10 Social Media Tips for Debt Collections

As with many lists, some of the entries in this one seem to be entirely common sense and not really anything to do with social media. If you are a debt collector and you need to be told “Do not make false reports to a credit bureau” by a list of social media tips, you should probably give up.

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