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Published May 16th 2013

Track the Social Sound of Eurovision with our Real-Time Dataviz

It’s back again; ready your flags and prepare your party food. It’s Eurovision time.

This year the competition is being held in Malmo, with Sweden having won last year with their fantastic song Euphoria. Rumour has it Loreen will be making another appearance at the final.

The first of the semi-finals has already taken place, complete with various women in white dresses and some dubstep spacemen (who unfortunately didn’t make it to the final).

We’re getting ready for the final this Saturday, and have something exciting in store for you!

As we love a bit of cheese – as do our friends in our German offices – we thought why not get into the Eurovision spirit and do something fun around the evening?

And thus was born our Eurovision dataviz. It’s an online viz that tracks Twitter buzz during the Eurovision final, in real-time.

As the data flows in, it is automatically categorised by country, and chat about each country during their performance is put into one of nine categories: outfit, political, sex factor, appearance, dance routine, stagecraft, performance, voice and song. Pretty neat huh?

You can see the dataviz here:

We’re launching at 8pm on Saturday 18th May, in line with the start of the final, but here’s a sneak peek of what it’s going to look like:


You’ll be able to zoom into each country and see the graph fill up during their performance with online chatter, in real-time.

We’ll also be providing a live commentary in the form of annotations on the data streams, so that you can see what spikes in conversation are related to, as well as pulling in the wittiest tweets from the general public!

The dataviz is browser-based and also supports the use of iPads, so you can keep track whilst watching the Eurovision show live on TV. It’s a perfect accompaniment for when you’re watching the show – you’ll be able to see what is driving conversation, which countries are generating the most buzz, and the emotions surrounding the performances.

You can find the dataviz at both during and after the live final on Saturday May 18th.

There will be both an English and German version of the dataviz, pulling in the relevant language tweets – you can switch between them if you’re curious about how German buzz compares to the UK.

Here at Brandwatch HQ, and in typically British style, we’re not feeling too confident with the UK’s entry, ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart‘ legend Bonnie Tyler singing her new song ‘Believe in me.

Even she seems to have somewhat resigned herself to the fact that the UK won’t win, saying in an interview: “I can take it on the chin if I don’t get a good score but I hope I can win, although I doubt it.”


Our colleagues in the German office are keeping their fingers crossed that Cascada will prove a winning entry for them.

So, pick a side – UK or Germany (not that Great Britain will ever ever win – we all know it’s a political thing really) – sit down with some nibbles and enjoy our Eurovision tracker … and the show.


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