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Latest Research: The Best Brands and Industries for Customer Experience 2020

Blending 200 million online conversations with 9,000 global survey responses, we found out how brands can get CX right

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Published July 25th 2012

Twelve Angry Men (and Women): When Tweeters Can’t Control Themselves (pt. 1)

Twitter is, let’s face it, a PR nightmare. It seems celebrities and ‘normal folk’ alike just can’t help getting themselves into trouble, wading into rows and posting drunken rants on the microblogging site.

Twitter-beefing has even been called ‘America’s new national pastime’.

It is the same case as texting your ex when you’re drunk, except this time potentially millions of people can witness your mistake. On many occasions a celebrity has ‘left’ Twitter (though often not for very long) following embarrassing rants or spats.

Here we take a look at the first half of our top twelve most amusing examples of celebrities who probably should have stepped away from Twitter in their moment of anger, or who just can’t help themselves when it comes to a little public row…

12/ Rebecca Ferguson and her management

Recently, X-Factor runner up Rebecca Ferguson posted an angry rant targeting her management team on Twitter. Because there’s nothing quite like airing your grievances in public.

Her tweets claimed that she was being forced to work despite being so exhausted she couldn’t ‘physically walk’ and threatened ‘see you in court’. Why Ferguson decided to take to Twitter to out her management’s ‘vile’ conduct is a mystery, but they did not bother to comment on it.

We’re guessing she probably has a new management team now…

Here’s how to keep your cool and be a gracious loser… oh no wait, maybe not.

Back in May, Fun Lovin’ Criminals frontman Huey Morgan took to Twitter to rant about not winning a Sony Award, slating the winners – Fearne Cotton, Chris Evans and Lauren Laverne as ‘dime a dozen’.

The tweet, which has now been deleted, said:

“They ain’t gonna let some dude from NYC win this s***. Fern, Lauren, Chris. Yeah right, that’s cool? Suckers, they come a dime a dozen.”

In the cold, sober light of day Morgan obviously realised the error of his ways, and tweeted an apology, as well as tweeting Laverne directly. He pointed out, correctly:

“Twitter isn’t the best platform for people who say s*** before they think (as I did last night)”

and vowed to ‘tweet no more’. He’s still tweeting, but hopefully he learnt his lesson this time.

10/ Simon Pegg and the feminists

Ok, so British actor Simon Pegg wasn’t angry as such, but he did get involved in a heated debate with an angry feminist recently.

It all started when Pegg tweeted a photo of a group of female Cosplayers dressed as ‘Slave’ Princess Leia (from Star Wars, for those who don’t know) expressing his… shall we say, appreciation, for them.

This quickly drew the attention of self-proclaimed ‘immoral, vulgar, gay-loving feminist’ Courtney Stoker. To cut a long story short, she said he was objectifying women, then he replied with a possibly immature and unwise “BORING”, so of course she retaliated.

The whole, long exchange can be seen in her post on Storify. Pegg may have lost his cool, but he did try to explain himself in a subsequent blog and said that he felt “misunderstood and then misrepresented”.

Unlike many celebs, he has not deleted the tweets, nor left Twitter. And Google seems to be on his side. Moral: beware the wrath of feminists.

9/ Perez Hilton and the media mogul

Blogger and celeb hanger-on Perez Hilton is no stranger to the odd (read: frequent) Twitter spat. He’s not afraid to ruffle people’s feathers and has reportedly had verbal altercations with everyone from rapper Tyga to singer John Mayer to producer

Perez also became the target of abuse from actress Demi Moore after he posted pictures of her daughter in his blog.

Earlier this year, he decided to take on Twitter-loving Piers Morgan. Morgan has expressed his dislike for pop icon Madonna frequently in the past , but when Hilton decided to tweet about his love for her, Morgan waded in, telling him to stop “blowing so much Twitter smoke up @madonnandnaday’s ass”.

Hilton hit back, and back and forth it went, providing a childish but humorous exchange, ending in them both un-following each other. We’re sure they are both heartbroken over the loss.

8/ Piers Morgan and footballers

Piers Morgan is no stranger to a Twitter fight himself, and has even said that “Winding up sportsmen or celebrities on Twitter has become my favourite hobby, one that is fabulously illuminating about the people involved”.

He has many ongoing feuds – some jokey and some not so much – with a number of celebrities, including Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand and many others, which brings us on to his arch nemesis…

7/ Lord Alan Sugar and the ‘scum’

Finger-pointing entrepreneur-slash-businessman Lord Alan Sugar takes part in regular teasing and chiding of Piers Morgan on Twitter.

Their bickering is puerile but entertaining. He also loves to wind up his followers, and is quick to point the finger in the virtual world just as often as the real one, at pretty much anyone and anything.

He often rambles on about his love of blocking ‘scum’ on Twitter, such as this tweet.

‘Scum’ seems to be anyone who disagrees with or criticises him, and he has even gone so far as to ‘allow’ comedian Ricky Gervais to use the term ‘de-scumming’ if he so wishes. His strange rants taunting these followers are unapologetic, but often seem a little… well, childish.

Tune in tomorrow for part 2 (it’s been tomorrow now, so click here to view it!), where you can find out who wins the coveted ‘award’ for angriest celeb tweeter… in the meantime we leave you with a question: have you witnessed any particularly shameful, funny or embarrassing Twitter rants recently? Let us know in the comments below.

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