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Published July 26th 2012

Twelve Angry Men (and Women): When Tweeters Can’t Control Themselves (pt. 2)

Yesterday we posted the first half of our countdown of the twelve angriest celebs on Twitter – those men and women who just can’t keep their comments to themselves when they really should.

Here are the final six, including the winner of the ‘award’ for angriest celeb tweeter. Enjoy.

 6/ Kanye West and fashion

Kanye West is not known for keeping his mouth shut at the best of times but he is normally fairly quiet on Twitter.

However, when he does post, it is usually pretty entertaining. A prime example of this was his bizarre fashion rant back in May, which consisted of a series of tweets about clothing that he ‘hates’, such as “button up shirts with hoodies”, “khaki trench coats with jeans” and “big ass striped scarves”.

All of which he saw within five blocks whilst driving, apparently. We’re thinking Kanye was in a bad mood that day. Or maybe he just really does hate khaki cargo shorts. We’ll never know.

5/ Professor Green and journalists

Rap artist Professor Green has had several angry explosions on Twitter in the past few months, usually involving comments made about his girlfriend, Made in Chelsea ‘star’ Millie Mackintosh.

Apparently, people (journalists) had been doubting his ‘street cred’ now he that he is dating Mackintosh, prompting Green to tweet a series of somewhat boastful and immature thoughts about it, which together formed this golden nugget:

“i love hearing i’ve lost my ‘street cred’ for two reasons. 1. the people writing these stories work for the least credible sources of information in the world. 2. have you seen my mrs? i don’t get told i’m losing my ‘street cred’ (who the f*** even says ‘street cred’?), i get high fives. apologies for living a life that is, by all accounts, #sick. can’t wait for the day i tie one of these journalists to a tree on northwold.”

Bragging in such a gentlemanly style about your true love to millions of people is definitely a good move. Or not.

4/ Tulisa Contostavlos and her fans

It wouldn’t be fair to just pick on the men – especially as female celebs seem just as inclined as the men to air their grievances on Twitter – so we thought we would include ex-N-Dubz singer Tulisa as our second woman on the list.

Tulisa lost thousands of followers after tweeting a string of expletives in a state of drunken euphoria.  The tweet in question said:

“N as 4 all u fuckin haters…u can kiss my fuckin ass #gettingpaid #bothered? Gdsgdhdhdhdh hahaha”

This was soon followed by another tweet acknowledging the loss of followers using the hashtag ‘#fuckem’. Classy lady.

 3/ Ricky Gervais and the religious

Ricky Gervais is somewhat addicted to Twitter. He often spends hours retweeting, replying to, arguing with and blocking followers who insult or disagree with him.

Anyone is potentially in the firing line, but Gervais particularly likes to wind up his religious followers. As a staunch atheist, Gervais often discusses his view of religion in his tweets, and enjoys a giood debate with those who disagree.

Back in December last year, Gervais took on some fundamentalists. More recently, Gervais continues to tweet sentiments such as

“Everyone has the right to believe anything they want. And everyone else has the right to find it fucking ridiculous”

and often retweets people complaining about his views. Gervais doesn’t really care who he offends, often pointing out that people don’t have to follow him. It seems he just enjoys being a wind-up merchant. Well, he is a comedian, after all.

2/ Boy George and the photographer

Now, if you are a celebrity – say, a slightly eccentric ’80s singer – you might expect to be photographed when performing, and for those photos to be published.

Apparently not if you’re Boy George. The singer had a bizarre moment of rage when he replied to a tweet by photographer Nicolas Chinardet promoting some photos of him performing at WorldPride in London.

George complained that he did not give Chinardet ‘permission to shoot’ the photos and ‘then put them online’. Chinardet asserted that he had a press pass to the event.

Boy George proceeded to hurl abuse at the photographer in a series of tweets, such as “if you are shit photographer keep your work to yourself or get a fucking ladder”.

It seems that the angle of the photos was the main gripe, with George saying

“I might be in full war paint with a big glittery hat cocked to one side but that don’t mean I am ready for my close up! Fuck off!”

He continued with the rant and then blocked the photographer. Nothing quite like having a hissy fit in public. The photos aren’t even that bad in our opinion.

1/ Charlie Sheen and…well, everyone

Well, it had to be didn’t it … king of ranting Charlie Sheen is our top angry celeb tweeter.

His infamous streams of nonsensical tweets have made the former Two and a half men star wildly popular on Twitter. The star joined the site in March last year, apparently acting on a suggestion by Piers Morgan, and gained 1.8 million followers within five days.

Those followers witnessed the train wreck that was Sheen’s self proclaimed ‘breakdown’.  In case you are unaware (i.e. living under a rock), Sheen’s joining of Twitter came shortly after a round of bizarre TV interviews following his sacking from his TV show after criticising his bosses.

In these interviews he claimed he was on a drug called ‘Charlie Sheen’ and somewhere along the way coined the catchphrases ‘plan better’, ‘winning’ and ‘tiger blood’.

His first tweet upon joining the twitterverse was a photo of him and girlfriend Bree Olson holding up some chocolate and fruit drinks with the caption “Winning! Choose your vice”.

There are far too many bizarre tweets for us to reproduce here, but good examples are time he accidently tweeted his own phone number, and this not particularly gentlemanly tweet. A moment of anger also resulted in a tweet directed at ex-wife Denise Richards that said

“we must bombard with Warlock Napalm, that traitor and loser whore #DUH-needs POOR-ards. A vile kidnapper and now dog thief. hate. SBW c”.

Unfortunately, Sheen recently deleted his Twitter account, leaving his 8 million followers with a Charlie-Sheen-shaped hole in their Twitter feed. Perhaps they can soften the pain of the loss with this bizarre song by his girlfriend, which was recently released.

In conclusion … celebrities really should know better than to take to Twitter to air their grievances, but it seems that many of them enjoy their little spats. Plus, they’re entertaining the masses (and us), so we won’t complain.

A final note …we wish that this was a genuine tweet from Will Ferrell. He definitely would’ve got top marks from us.

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