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Uncovering the Trends: Social Media and the Fashion Industry Marketing

By Jasmine Jaume on October 1st 2012

Fashion Weeks season is sadly coming to an end and soon New York, London, Milan and Paris will return to normal after all the models, designers, press, celebs, buyers and fashion enthusiasts return home to plan their new spring/summer wardrobe for 2013.

We love to get involved in a bit of fashion here at Brandwatch, so throughout the recent New York fashion week we tracked buzz surrounding different designers, resulting in our Fashion Week social buzz roundup.

Plus, our data was used by some crafty designers to create this fantastic LFW data dress at the recent Digital Sizzle hackathon, which went on to be shown at LFW.

We’re also revealing something a bit fleshier this week.

Following our automotive sector report back in August, we are excited to release our fashion sector report, replete with useful information about fashion from the social web.



You can download the full report, for free, by clicking here.


The report takes a look at the online conversation surrounding the ‘big four’ fashion weeks, comparing the buzz around each city’s week and analysing the pattern of conversation surrounding the shows.

How does online conversation about the two seasons compare? How about each of the different cities? What are the common themes within fashion week conversation? These are just some of the topics the report explores.

The report also represents a case study to look further into the fashion week conversation.

London was recently voted the most stylish city in the world, outdoing its rivals New York, Paris and Milan. London Fashion Week generates £100 million worth of orders each season, with the fashion industry as a whole worth £21 billion to the UK economy.

It was also the fashion week most discussed by UK social media users. So we went ahead and used London Fashion Week as a case study to explore further how the fashion industry is discussed online.

We compared the buzz surrounding the week in February (AW ’12) and the recent September shows (SS ’13) on UK social media and found some interesting recurring themes. Key findings include:

  • The two fashion week ‘seasons’ (spring/summer and autumn/winter) experience incredibly similar patterns of online conversation
  • New York and London fashion weeks are the most discussed on English-language social media, with London by far the most discussed by UK social media users
  • News articles tend to discuss specific designers more than consumers are

To find out more, please click here.

  • Murphie

    Doing a “Social Buzz Roundup” as a way for reader to follow up on Fashion Week is a great idea! Using a “data board” to lay out the social trendsetters, buzz and fashion inspirations is honestly the most creative idea Ive seen in a blog.