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Published March 4th 2014

Using Demographics to Analyse House of Cards

Last week we held the second of our webinars all about understanding your community and your online audience.

In it, we explored some of the cool things you could do with demographics data, as we have just launched our new Demographic Insights feature.

You can listen again to the webinar here or see the slides here if you like.

In the webinar, we took a look at TV show House of Cards as an example Query (a search) to see what demographics data could tell us. We found some cool things, some of which are below (though we recommend watching the webinar for more juicy insights though!).

Just a few insights …


Men talk about House of Cards much more than women…

HOC gender

… but this difference isn’t quite as huge in the US as it is in the UK.

HOC gender

Women tended to discuss the lead female, Robin Wright, along with a Roku competition, whereas men were more likely to talk about topics such as spoilers, binge watching and the very fact that Season 2 had arrived.

HOC gender topics

The top interests of those discussing House of Cards tended to be sports and books, though their actual conversation about the show didn’t specify those topics – possibly an opportunity for advertising or content there!

HOC Interests

Kevin Spacey is by far the most talked about of the lead actors.

But, in the US, Robin Wright was discussed a significant amount (much more than in the UK) – probably due to the fact that the audience is more female than in the UK – and we already know that Robin Wright is a popular topic with women.

HOC characters

Your questions, answered


We also got asked lots of questions in the webinar, as we have a pretty vocal audience (which we like, please continue!).

Here are some of the common themes we got asked about:

Can we use sentiment with Demographics?

So, we get asked about sentiment every single webinar, without exception. You guys love sentiment!

The good news is that it’s an easy question to answer: yes, you can use sentiment with demographics, as you can within all the other bits of the platform. So, for example, you can find out if women talk about Robin Wright positively or negatively (overwhelmingly positively, by the way).

Can I compare to competitors?

Yep, as with everything in Brandwatch, you can compare your metrics against competitors. Use a chart and choose demographics, then breakdown by multiple Queries (need help? Contact our support team!).

How granular is location data?

Our location data goes right down to town/city level, where available, so you can get pretty granular.

Only want to see males who live in New York talking about your brand? No problem – specify the location either at the Query level, or later on in your dashboard using filters.

You can even create lists of locations to filter by, so you could specify mentions from, say, New York, London and Paris, if you wanted.

What if you look at the data, and there are no interesting trends?

Sometimes, the data won’t show you what you want or expect – it’s spiteful like that. Nor will it necessarily show you an easy-to-find story that makes your face light up with joy at its amazing-ness.

But there is pretty much always something to find, it might just need more digging. It might be looking at a longer date range if your data volume is low, or it might just be playing around with the data and trying out some different charting options.

For example, the example we showed of the topic cloud from those in software and IT brought up two very niche topics, that we probably would have missed if we hadn’t looked at it in such detail.


So that’s just a snippet of all the great things you can do with demographics. Want more information? Get a demo or, if you’re already wise enough to be using Brandwatch, click here for more help.

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