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Published February 18th 2013

Using Social Media Monitoring for the Financial Services Sector

Everyone knows the most exciting thing in the world is the financial services. It’s what keeps kids up late at night and is every teenagers’ dream to one day work in.

Okay, it’s not quite that romantic, but the reality is that everyone, in the West at least, needs to use them. Alongside almost every other sector, financial industries are being shaken up by the advent of social media.

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Unlike things like consumer retail and technology though, heavy regulation, unfamiliar territory and other considerations make embracing the digital age a difficult step for finance companies to take.

Testament to the past few years of experimentation is the maturing field of monitoring, as web analytic has now become an essential part of the social media toolset.

In order to help financial service companies take the plunge, we’ve compiled a short guide into how to get the most of out a social media monitoring tool for these businesses.

We’ve identified four key ways that will provide value and benefit for financial companies, though they are just a taste of the full menu of options available through effective monitoring:

If you’re looking for more information on social media and financial services, you can see our posts on CRM, monitoring and regulation on the topic for Hootsuite, or take a look at our own growing library of relevant content here on the Brandwatch blog.

Of course you can get in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook or in other ways if you’d like more detailed or tailored advice on this field; we’re more than happy to help out.




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