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Published February 13th 2014

How Romantic is the USA Feeling This Valentine’s Day? [Infographic]

We’re happy to announce that today we have launched a new feature, Demographic Insights, which breaks down online authors according to their gender, interests, profession and location.

You can find out all about that here, but chances are you came to this post to see some juicy stats about Valentine’s Day, right?

We’ve analysed Twitter chat from the USA about the day of romance, using our new demographics data to take a look at the differences in conversation between the different genders and cities. Scroll down to see the infographic, or read on for some more details!

More interested in the UK and Ireland? Take a look at our UK and ROI version, in partnership with UK retailer Argos.

So, the results


You can see all the stats in our infographic below, and beneath that there’s a summary of some of the results if you prefer words to pictures.



And in words…


We tracked conversation on Twitter in the USA for the past 10 days and found that….

The most romantic cities are, according to the data…

  • Miami
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • LA
  • NYC

The rest of the USA better buck up its ideas, eh?

Women are more involved

Perhaps unsurprisingly, women tend to discuss Valentine’s Day more than men, with 71% of the chatter conducted by females.

Love is in the air

We’ve found that, of those expressing an opinion, the majority are feeling loved up – 71% of chat is about loving the big day, with 29% more hateful. Men are ever so slightly more likely to hate the day than women, but the difference is minimal.

Tradition is where it’s at

It seems that those discussing Valentine’s are traditionalists at heart, with 99% of conversation about gifts about traditional presents such as chocolate, cards and flowers, and just 1% about less traditional items such as electronic items. We found that those working as artists or teachers tended to be most likely to discuss non-traditional gifts.

Both men and women discuss cards frequently, but the next most discussed gift is chocolate for both men and women – at least the two sexes are on the same page!

Singletons are feeling, um, lonely

We found 5% of the chat about Valentine’s was from complaining singletons, with the most popular complaint being the feeling of being alone – we feel ya.

Other complaints included adverts reminding them that they’re alone on Valentine’s, and that it is overrated anyway (do we sense a bit of defensiveness there?)

Those interested in music, artists and students tend to complain about being single the most – perhaps their artistic nature means they express their feelings more!

US vs UK

We’ve also done an infographic taking a look at UK and Ireland conversation about Valentine’s Day, and it seems that Americans aren’t that different from Brits when it comes to the day of lurrrve – the results are strikingly similar.

Some highlights:

  • They’re feeling the love slightly less than the USA, with 68% chat expressing love rather than hate
  • The top gifts vary slightly from the UK, but are largely similar – though while women also talk most about chocolate, men most discuss flowers
  • In the UK, it’s executives and those working in tech/IT who tend to discuss non-traditional gifts, rather than artists and teachers


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Combining high-quality mobile survey technology, a robust polling methodology, and expert data analysis, our bulletins will be essential reading to get the pulse of the nation.

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