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Published May 31st 2017

Vizia: Announcing New Google Integrations, and Extra Social Visualizations

The best toolkit to share compelling data-driven stories just got better. Will McInnes introduces business-changing new Google integrations in Vizia 2.

When we launched Vizia 2 in March – just two months ago – we shared a vision that goes beyond visualizing social data.

Vizia 2 is the best platform for telling engaging stories from data across a large organization. And it’s not just us that believe Vizia 2 is changing the way data is being consumed across the business. Our customers do, too.

“At Unilever, we know how important it is to continually reinvent ourselves. We analyze data and transform it into insight on what our customers value. To be truly successful, we need to turn insight into informed actions our people can take. This is the value that Vizia 2 enables us to unlock.”



It turns dumb screens into irresistible purveyors of ‘what you need to know, right now’, at a scale and quality built for the Enterprise organization.

And now, from today, your Vizia platform can ingest and display data from two of Google’s most widely used products – Google Sheets and Google Analytics.

You’ll be able to engage your audiences with business data, not just social data.

Those, together with four gorgeous new Tiles that ingest and display Brandwatch Analytics data, mean that the best designed toolkit to share compelling data-driven stories just got better.

Oh, and remember that you can already bring those vital reports from Salesforce.com live into Vizia screens wherever you need them.

Google Analytics and Google Sheets: Bringing live business data to your workforce

With Google Analytics you can grab and share your website analytics, globally and instantly across your Vizia installation.

Perhaps the CFO gets ecommerce goal completions, the CMO gets conversions data, each of the brand managers see campaign performance, while you decide to show a big fat Unique Visitors KPI in the corporate reception areas (maybe, because it’s the Vizia Hub is that flexible – it’s your choice!).

And Google Sheets is a game-changer – your trojan horse into a wealth of non-social data sources.

Strategically, this is massive.

Go beyond command centers. If you can get it into Google Sheets, now you can get it into Vizia, and from there, to every screen in every office in every room around your organization.

Four beautiful new Tiles

And for your voice of the customer and social driven use cases, the range of Tiles visualizing Brandwatch Analytics data just gets deeper, broader and (sorrynotsorry) sexier.

The Frequency Heatmap is intuitive and gorgeous. You’ll know straight away when your Mentions ‘footfall’ has been heaviest thanks to this heatmap-styled hour-by-hour visualization.

You can select from Categories, Tags and Sentiment to share tailored insights, not just shiny visuals. Inform resourcing discussions, get a quick handle on a crisis or a campaign, help the C-suite to get a visual view of the conversation patterns.

To support your global understanding, Top Countries does exactly what it promises to – using flags of the world, you can now give your Vizia consumers a visual snapshot of the geographical breakdown of a given conversation. For visualization nerds, this Tile uses a Circle Pack.

For everyone else, it just looks great.


Often simple is better. With that in mind, the new Total Impressions Tile highlights the Brandwatch Analytics Impressions metric for the Query and date range you select, with a change indicator to help your Vizia narrative give a punchy, clear view of the size of a conversation.

And the new Topics Tile provides a word cloud for the given Query within the rolling 24 hour period to give you an extra option in the kitbag for making a conversation ‘glanceable’ – a core use case that we know Vizia clients love.

Finally, as we build out our vision of a storytelling platform for the biggest and most demanding enterprises, the Vizia menu has had a facelift to allow it to cater for the new data sources and ever-increasing range of Tile visualizations available.

This means fewer clicks for you – something we know our current, and future, clients are going to be happy about.

Just eight weeks since our last major launch, and already a barrel-load more. If you’re a client, these just went live in your Vizia account. Don’t thank me, thank our brilliant Vizia team. But really, thank you for being a client.

And if you’re not yet a Vizia client and would like to find out more, we’d love to help you out.

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