Was WhatsApp a Bargain After All? [Infographic] Opinion

By Luca Della Dora on Feburary 25th 2014

The WhatsApp acquisition is a strategical move towards expanding the Facebook ecosystem: everyday people send more than 1 billion messages using WhatsApp, and the ferocity behind the complaints when it was down last weekend are the most recent proof of its importance for more than 450 million people worldwide.

But what are the numbers behind the $19 billion acquisition? How many people are using it every day and what are they sharing?

  • More than 70% of registered users are active every day.
  • Europeans are frequently using WhatsApp, and its penetration across mobile internet users is huge in some countries (74% in Spain, 61% in Germany and 56% in Italy).
  • People share more than 1 billion text messages everyday through WhatsApp: that’s equal to the volume of SMS sent each day globally.
  • Americans are not using WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat and Line as much as other populations use it (in China WeChat owns a huge market share, for example)

For more details, have a look at the We Are Social infographic or share your comments below.


Luca Della Dora


Luca is strategy director at We Are Social in Milan (Italy). He loves travelling and observing people's behavior in order to understand them better. Searching the meaning of caffeine-free coffee and alcohol-free beer.