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Published October 22nd 2012

Web Liquid Report Reveals Leading Monitoring Tools

In an industry as cluttered and confusing as social media monitoring, there is understandably a huge demand for clarity and expertise for businesses when selecting a vendor.

We don’t have anything to hide, so don’t rely on any back-room deals or opaque demonstrations of our tool in order to get favourable third party reviews. It’s quite the opposite, in fact, as we actively invite independent groups and individuals to assess our tool and let us know what they think of it.

In the past couple of months we’ve seen DragonSearch label us as the best tool available and Viralblog rank us at number one from a list of 88 listening tools.

This October, Web Liquid, a leading digital marketing agency, produced their annual report on the sector, evaluating 57 different tools before selecting their top 5 for detailed assessment.

You won’t be surprised to hear we were one of those chosen few – would we be writing this if we weren’t? Maybe.

You can read the full report, courtesy of Web Liquid, here.

What they highlighted about Brandwatch

The report makes particular praise of a number of our features:

  • Our user-friendly interface
  • Data that can be filtered and segmented across a long list of criteria
  • Straight-forward data management with the use of batch operations to clean up data
  • The ability to create a representative and random sample
  • Our option to perform complex search within queries
  • The quality of our data coverage and relevance.

In the name of fairness, the report uses a standardised Boolean query to undertake the standardised search, which was for Tesla Motors.

While we can understand the logic of this decision, it meant that our wonderful suite of queries were overlooked, meaning super refined operators like NEAR went by unused, which would have improved the quality of the returned results even more.

This was reflected in the query set-up flexibility score however, as we were the only tool awarded the top score of 5 stars for this category.

Take a peek at the range of operators available in Brandwatch here.

On another note, Web Liquid summarised our positioning in the market fairly accurately, noting that we are:

“Making the analysis of vast quantities of conversation data more manageable, and are generally better suited to monitoring social media performance over the long term.

Various means by which to filter and segment raw data allows users to develop a much deeper understanding of the conversations people are having about a brand and how these conversations are influencing consumer behaviour. Access to historical data also makes these tools ideal for the development and evaluation of social media strategies.”

They also conducted a survey among users of social media monitoring tools. We’re delighted to announce that we were the only tool evaluated that received a positive recommend/not recommend ratio, with the majority of our users revealing that they would recommend us to another company or associate.

There were more insights uncovered following the customer survey, and we’re incredibly happy to have scored very highly for all of them. We’ll post about the results later this week, so keep your eyes out for an update on this front.

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