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Published August 30th 2012

Web Projects that Inspire Social Creativity

At times the use of social media and other online platforms can make you feel more isolated than connected. Many have argued that the continued popularity of interacting online will prevent people from intermingling face-to-face.

While we all appreciate the value in one-on-one interaction, sometimes life just happens, and before we know it our days have been filled with emails, phone calls and text messages.

With so much of our time being spent with our nose pressed to our computer screens it can feel as if we’re hardly relating to other people, let alone being creatively challenged.

As potentially depressing a thought as that is, there have been many successful attempts to gather online users and communities around a cause or passion, rather than allow the collective aimless computer tedium to continue.

Social projects have been created by big companies, famous bands, and everyday people looking to cultivate their passions and audience.

Some projects have a clear objective and mission, while others are a bit more obscure like The Sheep Market. This online platform from Amazon Mechanical Turk is an online crowdsourcing system that allows users to reach a large audience to get small projects completed.

The interactive project allowed 10,000 online workers to create one of a kind sheep that could then be purchased as stamps, and art.

Another social project that not only provided creativity but entertainment was The Johnny Cash Project. This was an interactive website that enabled participants to draw their own portrait of the famous singer that would then be integrated into a collective stream, all alongside a Johnny Cash song. The project ultimately resulted in over 250,000 people from 172 countries putting pen to paper.

Whether it’s using your drawing skills to create farm animals or any other form of novel call to action, people are inclined to take part in social projects because that’s inherently what people crave: human interaction.

Our days filled with our faces planted in technology aren’t going to change, yet finding unique opportunities to reconnect with people will not only keep us sane but will also remind us to find the joy in embracing new passions and projects that are all just one click away.


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