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Published August 19th 2013

Which is the Best Social Media Platform for Marketers?

Social media is now more important than … blah blah blah. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ll already know all about the value of social in business and are simply on the hunt for some juicy deets.

Well you’re in luck. What we have here is an infographic that details the hard data behind what marketers think of different social platforms.

Marketers do seem to be embracing social more than ever before, with 79% now saying that they’ve integrated social media into their traditional marketing programmes, and 86% have said it’s important to their business.

Perhaps more interestingly, the research shows which platforms marketers use most:

  • Facebook: 92%
  • Twitter: 80%
  • LinkedIn: 70%
  • Blogs: 58%
  • YouTube: 56%
  • Google Plus: 42%
  • Pinterest: 41%
  • Photo-sharing: 18%
  • Geo-location: 11%
  • Social Bookmarking: 10%
  • Podcasts: 5%
  • Q&A sites: 4%
  • Daily deals: 4%

Facebook also wins in the ‘most important platform’ stakes, though our beloved Twitter only stumbles into third place, behind LinkedIn.


Sadly, only one in four marketers claims to be able to measure the ROI of their endeavours. The other 75% should really give us a call.

Finally of particular interest to us, were the main reasons for using social media.

  • Increasing exposure: 89%
  • Generating traffic: 75%
  • Providing market insight: 69%
  • Nurturing advocates: 65%
  • Creating leads: 61%
  • SEO: 58%
  • Business partnerships: 54%
  • Reduce other marketing costs: 47%
  • Improving sales: 43%

Below you can read the infographic in full, courtesy of Top Web Design Schools.

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