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By Joel Windels on Feburary 7th 2012

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Inbound marketing is yet another term that has enjoyed a great deal of hype in recent years with regard to social media.

One of the companies to emerge as a key player in this realm is HubSpot, and Neil Glassman of WhizBangPowWow has taken the opportunity to corner their Inbound Marketing Evangelist, Laura Fitton, to discuss the ins and outs of the concept.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Fitton describes inbound marketing as the art of marketing to make people actually want to consume your promotional material. It’s about slowly building a lasting relationship with potential customers to nurture them towards your sales funnel.

Content marketing is hugely important, she continues to say. Making sure the content is of a great quality is paramount to ensuring customers are coming to you for thought leadership.

When grilled on whether inbound is replacing outbound, Fitton is diplomatic in her response. She states that there will always be room for outbound sales opportunities, but techniques such as cold calling, trade shows, ad spending and billboards have seen dwindling returns in recent years have meant companies have enjoyed much more success after turning to inbound techniques.

ROI of Inbound Marketing

The HubSpot exec then uses two case studies to show how ROI can be boosted dramatically, an appliance store from Boston and a sports fishing site called Wired 2 Fish.

In 18 months the fishing magazine has taken an already successful business to the next level, which has seen a 292% growth after email marketing, 278% increase in leads and other amazing growth statistics through tactics such as frequent tweeting and regular blogging.

In her final comments, Fitton stresses the importance of having all your social media channels working in harmony, and how HubSpot allows the likes of Mailchimp and Google Analytics to ‘talk together’.

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