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Published June 12th 2017

WWDC, Comey, J. Crew, and Social Data: The Week in Review

PR, journalist, or just interested in the data behind what's trending? Kellan Terry's got you covered in this weekly roundup.

It’s everyone’s favorite time. The moment we take to look back before we move forward. Check out last week’s headlines with some extra social data thrown in the mix.


London – A terrorism attack in London left seven people dead with nearly 50 more injured. On Saturday night, a white van plowed into pedestrians on London Bridge. After the van came to a halt, three men jumped out and went on a stabbing spree. Police shot the perpetrators within eight minutes of the beginning of the attack. It is being reported that more than a dozen people have been arrested for being connected to the attackers. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack and details are still emerging.

Manchester – Sunday saw the One Love Manchester charity concert where performers Katy Perry, Cold Play, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and more took to the stage in front of around 50,000 people. The concert, of course, was set to raise money for charity and the victims of the first Manchester bombing attack.

Bill Cosby – Cosby’s sexual assault trial is beginning today.


J. Crew – J. Crew just announced that its CEO, Mickey Drexler, will be stepping down. This comes two months after beloved Creative Director Jenna Lyons left the company. Drexler said that this move has been in the works for over a year, and he’ll be replaced by West Elm’s James Brett.

Leaks – A 25-year-old, NSA contractor, and US Air Force veteran, has been arrested for leaking documents to The Intercept. Reality Winner (real name) leaked info that Russians attempted to hack voting software that authorities have not disclosed to the public.

Trump – Trump – although never far from the center of attention – is in the spotlight once more with a recent set of tweets. Several tweets criticizing London’s mayor, the mainstream media and the judiciary have social media buzzing. Experts have said that Trump has undermined his own defense for his travel ban executive order.

WWDCApple held its latest WWDC yesterday, and we have the social data around it. The largest reactions occurred around its new iMac Pro and how Apple Pay is disrupting the P2P payment industry. Please shout if you’d like details.

A little something extra:

The WWDC hashtags have been used nearly 200,000 times online today alone. Of those 200K about 150,000 accumulated since 1pm EST.

The overall sentiment within the WWDC conversation is quite positive at a rate of 77.2% of all sentiment-categorized mentions.

When we look at the mentions of new products/features (please note that these mentions come from within the WWDC discussion only) we see that iOS 11 has the most mentions with nearly 14,000. IT’s followed by:

  • Siri with over 7,100 mentions.
  • MacBook with over 2,700 mentions.
  • WatchOS 4 with over 2,100 mentions.
  • Apple Pay with over 1,600 mentions.
  • iMac Pro with over 1,200 mentions.
  • tvOS with more than 400 mentions.

The sentiment around each new product/feature update is a mixed bag. iMac Pro was talked about most positively at a rate of 93.1% of categorized mentions. iOS 11 was the next most-positive at a rate of 84.2% of mentions.

Siri was discussed positively at a rate of 83.5% positive, and watchOS was discussed positively at 82.7%.

tvOS was barely discussed positively at a rate of 52.6% of mentions. Reason being: many mentions talked about the lack of tvOS attention shown during the WWDC.

MacBook was discussed positively at a rate of 51% of categorized mentions. Reason being: people weren’t happy with the lack of an update around MacBooks. People generally complained about the price point, screen display and touchbar.

Lastly, Apple Pay was discussed with a ratio of categorized mentions being 52% positive. However, this sentiment is muddled because many mentions discuss how companies like Venmo and Twint are in trouble, and how Apple is “disrupting” the P2P payment industry.

The #WWDC2017 has registered over 3.2 billion impressions in the past week.

Authors of social posts in this conversation are overwhelmingly male, as men account for 78% of unique authors.


Eric Trump – While Eric Trump is one of the leaders of an independently owned company that has nothing to do with his father’s presidency, Eric himself keeps appearing on television to discuss politics. Now, Eric is in trouble for appearing on FOX News on Tuesday night and saying that Democrats in Washington are “not even people.” Many on social are quick to draw parallels to a certain remark made about deplorables.

Jeff Sessions – It appears Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is falling out of favor with Trump. This stems from Sessions recusal of himself from the Russian collusion investigation, and more recently, the second, “watered-down” draft of the travel ban. Sessions has been reported to have offered his resignation with Trump declining to accept it. Furthermore, reports are coming out today that former FBI Director, James Comey, asked Sessions not to be left alone with Trump.

Uber – Uber has reportedly fired around 20 employees stemming directly from the company’s independent investigation into sexual harassment claims.

Amal and George Clooney – The power couple welcomed their first children yesterday – a set of twins.

Christopher Wray – Is the name of the man Trump has selected to replace James Comey as FBI Director. Wray has worked within the Department of Justice, and many are breathing a sigh of release at his nomination.


Comey – All anyone cares about today is former FBI Director, James Comey’s, testimony in a Senate hearing today. A transcript of his prepared remarks leaked yesterday, and that was all anyone could talk about. Social is already boiling, and I have promised real-time data to several writers.

A little something extra:

Since 10am EST, the beginning of Comey’s Senate committee hearing, James Comey was mentioned more than 1.58 million times on Twitter as of 1pm EST.

The hashtags #ComeyDay and #ComeyHearings – which were spawned due to Comey’s testimony – were mentioned an additional 448,000 times.

Comey was discussed positively during the hearing as 68.5% of all sentiment-categorized mentions were positive.

Examining the sentiment of the two hashtags sees a negative conversation at a rate of 66.5% of categorized mentions.

Sentiment within these mentions is truly a thing to behold, as one, single statement can mean two completely different things as people apply their ideology to whatever is said. Social users in this case are simply interpreting the hearing to whatever suits them best.

We return again to the hashtags that might show some political affiliation – #MAGA for Trump supporters, and #TrumpObstructed for Trump’s opposition. #MAGA was used more than #TrumpObstructed, and as a result #MAGA had 110 million impressions to #TrumpObstructed’s 59 million impressions.

Every other hashtag is to be expected as people used them to be included in the social conversations around the testimony.

The most mentioned Twitter handles finds a mixture of political and news figures, and Donald Trump Jr’s Twitter-storm made enough of a commotion for his handle to claim the 10th most mentioned Twitter handle in the Comey conversation.

Lastly, men were more active in this conversation, but only slightly so. Men accounted for 54% of all unique authors.


UK Snap Elections – In what is being called “political chaos” the UK election results has the Conservatives losing 12 seats in Parliament, and as a result, the majority. The elections were called by Prime Minister Theresa May in an attempt to capitalize on conservative fervor after the Brexit vote.

Comey Testimony – Yesterday former FBI Director, James Comey, testified in front of a Senate committee. Today, every headline, and their brother is dissecting every iota of his testimony including the things he “didn’t say.”

Taylor Swift – O.M.G. All of Taylor Swift’s back catalog of music is now available on Spotify, and the internet can’t even…

There we have it. Not only all the news that was fit to print, but the headlines that were actually printed. Catch us again next week for another post.

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