Published April 29th 2018

Your Questions Answered: YouTube Compliance Changes

Amy Collins keeps us updated on changes we’re making to comply withYouTube' requirements on processing, storing and presenting data.

YouTube has the following restrictions for anyone wishing to use its API:

  1. YouTube data must not be aggregated with other social data
  2. 3rd parties must not offer data older than 30 days
  3. YouTube data cannot be processed into generic or derived metrics

On the face of it, these requirements seem kind of challenging for us to work with. Indeed I know of a number of vendors that have decided to just rip their YouTube data out, rather than reengineer their product.

We understand that for many customers in certain verticals, especially those in gaming, technology or beauty, YouTube is a key data source. We’ve worked with YouTube’s compliance team and product specialists to find what we think is the best compromise.

Introducing YouTube Components

YouTube data will now appear in two new components which can be used in any dashboard to conduct analysis of YouTube.

The YouTube Analytics component is a summary of the high level metrics for YouTube data within a Query.

It features total volume, number of unique authors and top three topics along with a chart showing the volume over time:

It’s worth noting that in order to be compliant with YouTube’s legal requirements, this component will return data that is up to 30 days old and cannot be filtered by derived metrics, such as sentiment for example.

We have also built a component which allows you to see the individual mentions:

These new components will be live in the platform midday on Friday the 4th of May.

As usual, we’ll continue in our vein of being transparent and answering any question that you might have.


Q: Do I need to edit my query for the new YouTube components?

A: No – Your queries should continue to work as before. However if you want to see the YouTube data within your query, you’ll need to add the new YouTube components to your dashboard.

Q: Will this affect my historical data?

A: Yes – There will be no data available older than 30 days. This is for legal compliance purposes.

Q: Will this affect the API?

A: Yes and no.

If you don’t make any changes, your scripts won’t break: If you have scripts that are connecting to our API, the old behaviour still works (but now simply doesn’t return YouTube data).

You can make a second call to request the YouTube data separately with an optional parameter: “youtubeOnly=true” appended to your call

Q: Are there any more YouTube components coming?

A: As with all features of this nature, we prioritize based on customer feedback. So if you have a specific analytics use case that these two components don’t give you, then reach out to your account manager or support.

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