The Friday#: Leveson + Google Tax

This Week’s Issue:

The Sizzle: Google Tax. The Fri-Up: Leveson. The Sauce: Cheesageddon. 

Your weekly round-up of the hottest stories worldwide, served with a slice of topical social media analysis and a dollop of Friday fun.

The Fri-Up: Leveson.

The Leveson enquiry, a year long enquiry into malpractice in the UK’s press has now been published. Launched off the back of last summer’s phone hacking allegations, we started tracking the topics as the phone hacking allegations levelled at News International reached fever pitch. Triggering Murdoch’s shut down of one of the most iconic and contentious British newspapers. We look back at how it played out across social media since we first started tracking events as they began to unfold in summer 2011.

Looking back at the Brandwatch wordcloud from July 2011, we see that the discussion centred around very specific cases rather than questioning the freedom of the UK press as a whole.

Fig 1. Wordcloud from July 2011

At the time, we also compared mentions of key figures in the phone hacking scandal on Twitter in a Brandwatch dataviz. We created a virtual pie throwing contest, a nod towards actions within the initial select committee hearing and Rupert Murdoch being the unexpected target of a custard pie by a protester.

A year on, after an extensive enquiry, more embarrassing revelations on the government’s links to the press and further claims of hacking by various celebrities, the social media landscape looks somewhat different.

Fig 2. Leveson: Topics line graph from Nov 23rd to Nov 30th 2012

Although many of the same players feature, there are several new contenders into the mix. The biggest spike is provoked by Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg – going against David Cameron – recommending a new independent body to regulate the press. An honourable mention must also be given to Korean music and dance sensation PSY, who’s hit Gangnam Style has managed to infiltrate yet another Friday# topic cloud.  This time, worryingly, via the Liberal Democrats’ Christmas party.

The Sauce:

Something for the weekend:

Hope you enjoyed the Friday#, have a great weekend.


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