May 28 |

Not an Expert? Not a Problem: We’re Launching Expert Hours

During some extensive customer segmentation work last year we discovered that the happiest Brandwatch users are, unsurprisingly, those who use the platform most, and feel confident and able to get everything they need from it.

Obviously with any platform as advanced as ours there’s a learning curve. You can’t always just dive headfirst and uncover the insights you want to see – you need to learn how to use it properly, take your time.

But not everyone has the time to become an expert, and we appreciate that. (more…)

May 14 |
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#AskTheExperts: 10 Ways Social Media Will Boost Your Business Intelligence

It’s no surprise that here at Brandwatch, we absolutely love social data! And we do share this passion with our clients across a large variety of industries and regions.

Monitoring the social web for brand mentions and interactions has become a common practice for companies across all industry verticals, allowing them to get valuable insights and analyze the volume and tone of online conversations. (more…)