Oct 9th |

How to Find Key Topics about Your Brand with #brandwatchtips

With millions of conversations happening all over the web each day, it can be a long and tedious task trying to figure out what exactly your target audience is talking about.

That’s where handy tools like Brandwatch’s Topic Analysis come in. (more…)

Oct 2th |

How to Find Online Influencers #brandwatchtips

Influencers. Highly trusted voices with a significant following and impact – like those we mentioned yesterday on our roundup of the most influential tweeters at Social Media Week London – can be a valuable asset to your business.

But how do you know someone’s an influencer? Do they have to be a public figure, a person everyone looks up to? Not necessarily.


Sep 18th |

How to Find Hashtags Relevant to Your Brand with #brandwatchtips

We have all been there: we’ve set up an exciting Twitter competition or campaign, using a unique hashtag that we’d like our audience to use.

But we aren’t sure how well our perfectly-planned hashtag campaign has been adopted. The issue is, we don’t even know what it means when someone asks “how it’s doing”, let alone how to get it trending or what other hashtags people are tweeting when discussing our brand. (more…)

Aug 21th |

Automate Your Social Media Data with #brandwatchtips

Analyzing what people are saying on social media can be overwhelming. Scratch that, it is overwhelming!

At Brandwatch, we aim to make your job just a bit easier.

You may have noticed that recently we’ve launched our first #brandwatchtips video to show off the amazing capabilities of the Brandwatch platform. (more…)

Aug 14th |

Find Relevant Leads with #brandwatchtips

Welcome, bienvenido, willkommen and the like, to the first ever installment of the #brandwatchtips video series!

We recently launched these videos to show off all the amazing and varied use cases that can be achieved with the Brandwatch Analytics platform.


Oct 23th |

Six Seconds of Silliness: The 11 Funniest Vines

Vine has been one of the social media success stories for 2013, with brands and consumers alike embracing the network’s quirky format in abundance.

Perhaps the most flattering of compliments is that the Facebook-owned Instagram even implemented a micro-video feature not long after the initial success of Vine. (more…)

Aug 28th |
pernod ricard

How Pernod Ricard Are Leading The Way With Social Media [Video]

South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual music, film and interactive conference. This year, some of our team at Brandwatch attended and were lucky enough to meet some great people there. We’ve already published our interview with the lovely Katy Finneran, Bloomberg TV’s Social Media Producer. (more…)

Aug 7th |

3 Reasons Your Videos Might Be More of a Success Than You Think

Presumably, and hopefully, I’m not the only producer of business videos regularly underwhelmed by the view counts garnered by what are, frankly, the masterpieces that I’ve created. (more…)

Jul 5th |

How Can Brands Prepare for the Future of Retail?

At Brandwatch we love a challenge. We also love an excuse to play with data and to represent it in a way that is interesting, engaging and also kinda sexy. (more…)

Jun 28th |
Bloomberg TV

How Bloomberg TV Has Become A Leading Social Brand [Video]

We met up with an overwhelming amount of clever folk at SXSW 2013 and a few of them were kind enough to have a chat with us on video.

We’ve interviews from Bing, Samsung Mobile (more…)