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Use Cases at Forrester

Examples of social media analytics use cases to help you navigate the world of social media data

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Dove: Brand Analysis

How does Twitter help brands make sense of social conversation?

Samsung: Campaign Analysis

How does Samsung use analytics to understand customers and guide strategy?

Pitney Bowes: Campaign Analysis

How did Pitney Bowes measure their first TV ad in years?

TurboTax & Google Chromcast: Product Analysis

How does TurboTax improve their products by analyzing user reviews?

Adidas: API Upload

How did Adidas improve their Onefootball app?

Handpicked resources for Forrester

5-Minute Guide to Brand Analysis

Understand how consumers view your brand and products and what motivates their buying decisions

5-Minute Guide to Campaign Analysis

Learn how to gauge reactions, measure performance, and improve future campaigns

5-Minute Guide to Audience Analysis

Learn how to identify and understand audience, influencers, and personas

5-Minute Guide to Competitive Analysis

How to view the competition through the eyes of consumers

5-Minute Guide to Trend Analysis

Understand the consumer trends that matter to your market and industry

The Brand’s Guide to Modern Consumer Insights

New data sources and AI can tell brands what consumers want

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