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Consumer Insights at GM

The Center of Expertise (CoE) provides teams at General Motors with unlimited access to the worlds largest repository of online consumer opinion. The Crimson Hexagon platform offers best in breed analytics to help our brands uncover insights from social data to drive strategy.

How can my team get value from Crimson Hexagon?

Understand your audience

Uncover new insights about your target audience. Understand how consumers feel about your brand by tracking the nuances of emotion and sentiment in social conversation about your products and services.

Crimson Hexagon’s enterprise social analytics platform makes it easy to identify what motivates your customers and track the trends that impact your brand, products, and marketplace.

Identify growth opportunities

Get deep consumer insights to make data-driven strategy decisions. Analyze the conversation about your industry over time to discover new trends and growth opportunities. Beat your competitors to the punch with perfectly timed products and campaigns.

Crimson Hexagon gives you the tools and information you need to understand your market and capitalize on new opportunities.

Improve campaign strategy

Develop the perfect campaign with data-driven consumer insights. Target custom audience segments, identify influencers, and track success in real-time.

Crimson Hexagon gives you the tools to understand your target audience on a deeper level and create more impactful campaigns. Determine what’s working and what isn’t, so you can make the right adjustments to boost campaign performance.

How can my team access these analytics?


Create an account on Crimson Hexagon and begin building your own studies. The CoE provides resources on education and strategy to help get you going. If you have an account already get started with these resources:

Foundation Training Series

New User Guide

COE Insights Engine

Engage analysts at the CoE for bespoke analysis and custom reporting.

For more information on how to access Crimson Hexagon, information about training schedules and other educational resources, or social listening consultation from GM’s Center of Expertise please contact Sam Gentry.

Hand-picked resources for GM

Consumer Trend Report: Transportation (2018)

The social conversation about transportation is expansive and deep. Crimson Hexagon analyzed millions of online posts to uncover the current trends in the transportation industry.

Consumer Trends in the Automotive Industry (2017)

Eco-friendly autos, self-driving cars, ridesharing, and other trends affecting the US auto industry.

Top 5 Auto Brands in the US (2017)

We analyzed the social media conversation around cars to learn what consumers are saying about the five top-selling auto brands in the US.

The Rise of Tesla

An analysis of how consumers feel Tesla’s brand and features and how the conversation has changed over time.

My Car Does What? (Whitepaper, 2016)

Analysis of public discourse on car safety features.

Consumer Preferences in the Auto Industry (2015)

Analyzing social data to understand how car technology preferences are evolving.

Using Social Data to Fuel Creativity

TBWA and Crimson discuss how to leverage social data in your campaign strategy.

How Effective is Your Campaign?

A social media analysis of Uber’s #UberKittens campaign.

The Evolution of Perceptions on Car Safety Tech (2016)

Thomas Bukowski of the National Safety Council discusses car safety at Crimson’s 2016 Fall Tour.

The New Auto Consumer (2016)

Emily Sobel, VP at Ipsos SMX talks about analyzing social data to maximize insights with examples from the auto industry.

Use Social Data to Bridge the Insights Gap (2017)

VML and Crimson Hexagon discuss bridging the insights gap with social media analytics.

UK Car Insurance Report (2015)

An analysis of social conversation surrounding two UK auto insurance providers.

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