The Friday# 5 November 2010

Von Hannah Emanuel am 5. November 2010

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This week in The Sizzle: Google vs Facebook, the data grab. As Christine Bleakley is embarrassingly crowned ‚Ultimate TV Presenter‘ The Fri-Up takes a look at ITV’s Daybreak show through social media. In The Sauce: Unlucky in love? Bet you haven’t been stood up by your computer yet!

The Sizzle

The Fri-Up

ITV Daybreak’s disaster by social media

On September 6th, after axing GMTV and all but one of its presenters, ITV launched it’s new breakfast news magazine Daybreak – at Brandwatch, we started tracking it.  One million people tuned in to watch, but outside the news, fewer than 200 people felt compelled to talk about it via social networks. A lot of the surrounding first day chat was focussed on Christine Bleakely’s outfit for day one – (dress by Hugo Boss, handbag by Chanel, heels by Aldo, earings by Annoushka and ring by Reiss).

Over the last two months, despite a raft of high profile guests including Tony Blair, Julianne Moore and the Prince of Wales – not forgetting roving reporter John Prescott – the level of chat surrounding the show has been small. Added to which, most of the interest can be attributed to disappointing viewing figures, ITV defending Daybreak or external events like football (Presenter Christine Bleakely is girlfriend of Chelsea midfielder, Frank Lampard).
The graph below takes a look at what people are actually saying about the show.
Fig 1. Social media buzz – ITV’s Daybreak since Launch.


1. News breaks around falling viewing figures (800k)
2. Christine Bleakley attends Chelsea match with Lampard’s dad
3. David Cameron defends Child Benefit policy
4. Daybreak lagging a million viewers behind BBC Breakfast
5. X-Factor/Viewing figures fall again (600k)
6. Bleakley leaves Daybreak studios wearing baggy jumper – sparks pregnancy rumours
7. Bleakley defends ratings figures as ‚teething problems‘
So what does it all mean: It is less a case of people turning against Daybreak or the show losing ratings, but more that they simply don’t care; they didn’t actually rate it as relevant enough to discuss on a day to day basis in the first place.

The Sauce

Something for the weekend:
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