The Friday# 14 January 2011

Von Hannah Emanuel am 14. Januar 2011

Welcome to the Friday#

This week in The Sizzle: From 50 Cent to $10 million – rapper plugs stock on Twitter. In The Fri-Up, we eye the MySpace meltdown through Brandwatch. In The Sauce, Chinese photo blogger fights for freedom to post celebrity up-skirt photos.

The Sizzle

      The Fri-Up

      MySpace Meltdown

      With this week’s news of MySpace proposing to axe half their staff, we decided to take a look at where people have been recommending and talking about music in an attempt to guage which sites the interest has shifted to.

      The graph below features a few of NME’s top bands of 2010 and the social media sites where they are talked about. The clear leaders in chat on bands are Facebook and YouTube.

      Obviously without seeing the traffic to the artist pages on social networks the social media chatter on bands is just one element to the analysis. However, with recommendation and endorsement as well as sharing music via social networks becoming more and more important, it is an interesting measure in the MySpace story.
      The Sauce

      Something for the weekend:

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