The Friday# 21 January 2011

Por Hannah Emanuel o 21 enero 2011

Welcome to the Friday#

This week in The Sizzle: Training excercise by the Met causes Twitter panic. In The Fri-Up, Groupon vs Livingsocial. In The Sauce, Elton John looks more like an ewok every day.

The Sizzle

      The Fri-Up

      Livingsocial takes on Groupon

      The biggest online coupon deal on record occured this week when group buying website offered a $20  Amazon voucher at half price. 1.4m vouchers were sold over 24 hours, that’s equivalent to 80 vouchers per second, 100,000 per hour, and around $14 million in revenue, beating rival Groupon’s Gap deal of last year which raked in $11m dollars.

      Here’s a breakdown of how the news was passed around – no particular surprises.

      So…. with the biggest voucher deal ever offered under their belt, surely they should beat Groupon hands down for social media mentions over the last month?

      Not according to Brandwatch’s data:

      Volume of mentions from Dec 21 2010 to Jan 21 2011

      Although the Amazon deal accounted for around a fifth of all mentions over the course of the last month, Groupon still has the edge with around 60 thousand more mentions tracked through the Brandwatch tool.

      It seems people just love the clearly carefully selected and therefore wonderfully diverse Groupon bargains. Particular spikes in this month’s graphs have been great deals on photos on canvas and colonic irrigation, creating a marvelously cut-price January for everyone! Enjoy it.

      The Sauce

      Hope you enjoyed the Friday#, have a great weekend.
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