The Friday# 25 February 2011

Por Hannah Emanuel o 25 febrero 2011

Welcome to the Friday#

This week in The Sizzle: JP Morgan to invest $1bn in social media companies and can social networking overthrow a government? In The Fri-Up, The Brandwatch Oscars. The Sauce: Against smacking children? Watch this…

The Sizzle

The Fri-Up

The Brandwatch Oscars

Although Gaddafi may have somewhat stolen the social media focus this week with 83k mentions yesterday alone (the majority during his royal bashing speech); at Brandwatch, we’ve decided to turn soft focus. We’re lifting the mood and looking ahead to this weekend’s  Oscars. We find out who is eyeing the prize for best picture in the social media stakes ahead of Sunday’s sparkling ceremony.

The build up in the press has been huge. I can’t remember the last time I looked at a showbiz section without Colin Firth’s face in it. A quick look at the history graph tells us the same story (without Colin Firth’s face) as The King’s Speech mentions soar.

Fig 1. The Oscars 2011: Best Picture.

We see The King’s Speech steadily rise throughout the week, while more interestingly, Black Swan, the other real contender, dips and dives. A particular highlight of Black Swan’s interest being generated by Natalie Portman joining Prince Harry at the top of a poll of the most desirable life partners for My OK! Wedding magazine. Although I’m not sure that still stands once you have seen the film.

Fig 2. The Oscars: Best picture by page type

The first thing to notice on the volume/page type is the lead which the King’s Speech has taken in the social media chat but where are film fans rather than the general public putting their money? Forums are the obvious place to take a punt on who will win with regards to cinematography and production. In these terms, Inception is by far and away the winner, with the highest proportion of buzz from those in the know highlighted on forums.

Brandwatch isn’t all about betting, but I know where I’m putting my money this weekend.

We’ve given you the stats, now you decide.

The Sauce

Hope you enjoyed the Friday#, have a great weekend.
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