Brandwatch Analytics

Brandwatch Analytics is an enterprise social intelligence platform that allows you to collect, analyze and report on social data. It is a paid-subscription browser-based software. See the Brandwatch Analytics product page for more information.

Brandwatch Analytics is priced on a subscription model. We have a range of packages to meet different business needs, from SMBs to agencies to large enterprises. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss the best package to suit your needs.

We offer two types of accounts – one based on data volume (how many mentions you’ll use) and one based on the number of Queries you want to run. Take a look at our our packages for more information and please get in touch if you have further questions.

The Brandwatch Analytics platform allows you to reply to Twitter mentions, and to publish mentions/comments to Twitter and Facebook. Internally, you can use our workflow features to share engagement across a team.

Brandwatch Analytics also offers advanced engagement functionality through our integrations with Hootsuite and Spredfast.

Yes, you can create any number of email Alerts. Alerts are fully customizable as you specify the criteria for being alerted, using any combination of filters (mozRank, location, etc.) and/or thresholds. Alert emails are sent ‘as it happens’ or once a day, week, etc according to your specifications.
Or, you can set up Signals, which alert you to any significant changes in your data automatically, in real time, allowing you to know of emerging crises or trends as soon as they begin.
Alerts and Signals can also be sent to multiple email addresses, including to those without a Brandwatch login.

We offer unlimited user logins to any client at no extra charge. Account administrators can add users themselves.

Each client is given one or more client administrator accounts, which they can use to create and manage user accounts. Users can create their own projects and Queries.

Brandwatch Vizia

Brandwatch Vizia is a revolutionary data visualization product, displaying your social media data in beautiful, interactive and insightful displays across your business. A reinvention of first generation ‘social media command centers’, it pulls in the social media data you’ve gathered using the Brandwatch Analytics platform and displays it in dynamic, animated visualizations that can be adapted for all use cases and displayed on screens throughout your business. See the Brandwatch Vizia product page for more information.

Brandwatch Vizia is a series of Scenes (visualizations) which are grouped into Displays that can then be displayed on physical screens. It pulls in data from the Queries and Channels you set up in the Brandwatch Analytics platform, and has the full power of Brandwatch Analytics behind it – clean, accurate data, flexible filters, categorisation, Rules and more. Different Scenes display different aspects of your data, with a wide range of customizable Scenes available for your every business need.

The data displayed in Brandwatch Vizia comes from your own Queries or Channels, created using the Brandwatch Analytics platform and supplied by our proprietary technology. That means you can display social media data about anything you wish, be it your brand, competitors, events, topics etc. You can also integrate outside data using the URL Scene or custom Scenes.

Brandwatch Vizia is offered on a subscription basis, priced according to the number of Displays you have, on top an Enterprise subscription to Brandwatch Analytics. There is also a one-off set up cost. For more information, please see the product page or get in touch.

Yes, Brandwatch Vizia clients are required to have an Enterprise Brandwatch Analytics account in order to access the data they need for the product.

You can have as many screens as you wish. Brandwatch Vizia is priced per Display, but you can show a display on as many physical screens as you wish.

Yes, all Brandwatch Vizia set ups will be branded according to your desired theme and will include your own logo.

Our URL and video Scenes allow you to stream in data held elsewhere. This could be data visualizations, specific websites or news streams, or videos and adverts. We can also work with you to create custom Scenes if there’s something specific you need.

Brandwatch is the next step in command centers, and offers so much more. It has many features that set it apart from traditional command centers; for more information about what makes it unique, take a look at the product page or get in touch.

Data & Technology

Brandwatch technology and our Analytics platform is updated continuously: new functions and updates are added roughly every 2 weeks, often developed in response to client needs.

Brandwatch Analytics will be updated without you needing to do anything. We also sometimes develop new products and features that are in addition to our core offering.

The sentiment of each mention Brandwatch finds is automatically determined, though both user and paid-for analyst data validation are available too. To see how we currently approach automatic sentiment analysis, you can read our documentation.

We crawl millions of sources/feeds from blogs, forums, news, social networks, reviews and other sites. We cover over 80 million sites from across the world.

This is on top of full Twitter coverage, as we are a Twitter Official Partner, and the ability to track complete streams from Facebook and Twitter with our Channels feature.

If we’re missing a site you want to crawl, we can usually add it on request. It’s an automated process – you just give us the URL and we will add it to the system.

Popular sites are visited regularly; typically between every 5 minutes to every hour. Less popular/important sites are visited less often. On average, we visit sites 3 times a day.

As an Twitter Official Partner, we have full Twitter coverage in real time, so tweets typically come into the platform within seconds or minutes.

We index text content from across the web including public blogs, forum posts, news articles, tweets and posts on social networks. We also index images and videos using their titles and descriptions.

We’re able to crawl Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and other major public networks. For more information on our social network coverage, see our coverage document.

We track conversations from across the world, and support coverage in 43 languages. You can see the full list of languages we cover here. You can also choose to collect all mentions regardless of language for a global view.

We’re not limited by country – Brandwatch will pick up any mention for a particular language, regardless of its location.

Our system records the location of the page too, allowing filtering by location in the Query or in the Analytics platform.

These numbers are inaccurate – they include several orders of magnitude of duplicates. We also aim to remove all kinds of spam. We focus on providing results of quality, not quantity.

Also, check the date range; Google’s default is all dates. Change it to last week/month and go to the last page of results for a better idea of the real volume.

As a Twitter Official Partner, Brandwatch has full Twitter coverage, in real time.

We also offer 30 days free historical Twitter data for all clients on request, and also offer Enterprise clients access to full historical Twitter data back to 2006 with our Twitter Hindsight product.

With Brandwatch Channels, you can track any Facebook or Twitter account (without the need for admin rights), accessing a range of in-depth metrics giving insight into the community and how successful content is.

Our data archive goes back to June 2010 and includes all sources, such as blogs, forums, news sites and social networks. This is included as standard to Enterprise subscriptions.

Pro subscriptions have access to one month of historical data as standard, with additional historical data available at a nominal charge.

If you need guaranteed full historical Twitter data, we also offer access to full historical Twitter data back to 2006 with our Twitter Hindsight product.

Facebook Channels allows you to track all activity on any public Facebook page, even if you don’t have admin right, and we also collect some data from public Facebook pages through normal Queries.

Brandwatch products all stream in data we gather through our own proprietary crawling technology. It works in 3 steps:

  1. We gather up all the discussions from across the web 24/7 in 44 languages.

  2. We process the data, stripping out spam and duplicates. We then use Natural Language Processing to find common topics and our cutting edge sentiment analysis systems attempt to determine what’s positive, neutral or negative.

  3. You cut and slice the data within the Brandwatch Analytics platform depending on what you need, and this data can also be displayed in Brandwatch Vizia.


All of our clients have access to a comprehensive offering of multi-media support and help content, as well as phone and email support from our super knowledgeable in-house support team. All of our support requests are solved in lightning time and are answered with tailored responses from real people.

Enterprise Brandwatch Analytics and Brandwatch Vizia subscriptions are also assigned a dedicated Account Manager, for ongoing strategic support.

Initial training is free and we also offer advanced training for an additional fee. Our Help Center – available in English, German, Spanish and French – includes a large library of help documentation and videos, as well as options to recommend features, report issues and contact our support team. Find out more about our support offering.

All Enterprise and Vizia clients get a dedicated Account Manager as part of the subscription. All accounts get access to our comprehensive Support Portal and email support. We also provide charged services for:

  • Data validation (checking mentions, cleaning them, categorizing them and altering sentiment manually)

  • Query definition advice and ongoing management

  • Bespoke reports

  • Use of API for custom reporting and data analysis

Yes, many of our clients have a white labeled version of the Brandwatch Analytics platform with their own logo and colour scheme. Brandwatch Vizia is fully branded with your desired theme as standard.

Brandwatch products are priced on a subscription model. We have a range of plans to meet different business needs, from SMBs to agencies to large enterprises. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss the best plan to suit your needs.

Brandwatch is a leading provider of enterprise social intelligence. We gather social media data from across the web and allow users to analyze it to gain actionable insights for their business.

We currently offer two products on a subscription basis:
Brandwatch Analytics, a powerful social intelligence platform that allows users to collect and analyze the social data that matters to them using a host of powerful analytics features.

Brandwatch Vizia, a revolutionary data visualization product that displays social media data in animated, interactive displays for communication and insights across the business.

Brandwatch is used for brand and competitor monitoring, market research, reputation management, identifying influencers, tracking press coverage, campaign measurement and much more. Our library of guides explain how Brandwatch benefits various business functions and needs.

Please fill in the form to request a personal one-on-one demo, or get in touch, and a member of our team will be happy to get you set up.

Brandwatch currently offers two products: Brandwatch Analytics and Brandwatch Vizia, which are both built on our proprietary technology. Find out more about each of the products.