The Friday# 24 June 2011

By Hannah Emanuel on June 24th 2011

Welcome to the Friday#

This week in The Sizzle: Foursquare’s population bigger than Bolivia. In The Fri-Up, Glastonbrands. In The Sauce: Would you like me to sketch you?

The Sizzle

The Fri-Up


As the Daily Mash so eloquently put it yesterday: “Scientifically speaking, if you insist on booking Bono and putting him on a pedestal to be worshipped, God will try to drown everyone within a five mile radius.”. Now in its 41st year, as the stormclouds gather over Pilton, the Glastonbury festival kicks off.

We’ve been tracking the Glastonbury social buzz all week. There have been obvious musical highlights in our wordcloud over the last few days, including Beyoncé and U2 with a brief appearance by Plan B as he shyly confessed to the Sun, that he had once smoked heroin AT Glastonbury. But don’t worry, it was rubbish and he’s never doing it again. You can see below what else people are discussing.

Fig 1. Wordcloud of phrases mentioned alongside Glastonbury – June 17 – 24th 20111

Glastonbury Wordcloud
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What is interesting in the wordcloud is the real lack of brand names. The only brand mentioned to any degree surrounding Glastonbury is Orange, thanks to their Sound Charge t-shirts which festival goers will use to charge their phone, apparently powered by the music.

Michael Eavis has, often explained his stance on brands to the media. He allows a few through the gates when he needs their products, but wants to keep it to a minimum. Glastonbury, he says, is about ‘free expression’ and not big business.

So how have Orange made the cut? Because everyone needs to stay in touch and tell the world they’re at Glastonbury – essentially, Eavis needs their product, along with Rizla’s rolling papers, Brothers’ cider and Ecover’s eco-friendly showers. Possibly other brands will make an appearance in our wordcloud as people start to consume their products, we wait to find out.

Brandwatch stats show that there have been 56k mentions of Glastonbury before a chord has even been played at this year’s festival. Below is the breakdown by site type.

Fig 2. Breakdown of Glastonbury mentions by site type June 17-24 2011

Glastonbury buzz by site type
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The fact that by far the most dialogue surrounding Glastonbury is being conducted via Twitter, is more good news for Orange and the Sound Charge, charge. Whether twitter continues to dominate throughout the festival could be dependent on how well the Sound Charge t-shirts actually work!

The Sauce

Something for the weekend:

Hope you enjoyed the Friday#, have a great weekend.

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