The Friday #: Absolutely Fabio

By Hannah Emanuel on February 10th 2012

The Sizzle: HTC hide sales figs. The Fri-Up: Absolutely Fabio. The Sauce: Cat Sandwich.

The Sizzle

The Fri-Up

Absolutely Fabio

We have a jam packed Friday# this week and although we’re dying to show you our incredible infographic on the Super Bowl which shows which brands got the most buzz for their buck – home matters are also pressing.

Unless you’ve been on the Moon this week, you will know that in a dramatic twist of fate (or a gentlemans agreement), Fabio Capello has ditched England’s football team as manager while Tottenham fan jurors have cleared Harry Redknapp of tax fraud – cue social media chaos!

A quick check of the top blogs posting about this in the last two days tells us that this is not only a matter of national urgency or one for UEFA, but that our friends on the other side of the pond are also concerned:

Top blogs for England Manager February 5th – February 10th 2012 

The commentary, however has been left mainly to the English (and Al Jazeera)-

Top Tweeters for England Manager February 5th – February 10th 2012 
  • BBCBreaking
  • piersmorgan
  • BBCWorld
  • Arsenal
  • themichaelowen
  • AJEnglish
  • FIFAcom Profile
  • LFC Profile
  • Queen_UK
  • RealMattLucas
Of the 17k who expressed a positive or negative opinion surrounding Capello’s departure and the ensuing Harry Redknapp/Stuart Pearce scrum we’re pretty evenly split about how we feel:

Fig 1. Sentiment for England Manager – February 5th – February 10th 2012

While Pearce takes the temporary reins there’s no need to place your bets on who the permanent job will be handed to – looks like this guy has it covered.

Building Buzz

Brandwatch has created a new data visualisation to track tweets on Social Media Week across the world. Check back next week as the action kicks off in from Tokyo to Toronto.

Super Bowl ad-spend vs buzz

Take a look at our infographic which charts was the Super Bowl advertisers spent vs the return for their money in buzz.

The Sauce

Something for the weekend:

Hope you enjoyed the Friday#, have a great weekend.

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