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By Hannah Emanuel on June 15th 2012


The Sizzle: School dinners. The Fri-Up: DCam. The Sauce: Dental hygiene.

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The Sizzle:

The Fri-Up: Cam you really?

David Cameron has had a bit of a headache this week, in complete contrast to last week’s jubilant nation where even torrential rain couldn’t put a dampener on the country’s celebrations. This week revelations have included the fact that he left his child in a pub and the publication of more embarrassing texts between him and Rebekah Brooks. LOL.

Can Brandwatch uncover which event over the last couple of months has earned him the most chat? Yes we Cam!

Let’s look at all the issues at stake in the DC two month wordcloud:

Fig 1. David Cameron wordcloud from April 15 to Jun 15 2012 



David Cameron has had a heavy couple of months, with various ups and downs including fears on the eurocrisis, answering back to Argentina, the joy of the Jubilee and the scrutiny of the Levenson enquiry.

By taking a look at the history graph, we can see which of those produced the largest amount of attention across social media over the last two months.

Fig 2. David Cameron history graph from April 15 to June 15


The two largest spikes in the graph both occur in this week. The largest of these was when news broke (on Tuesday) that David Cameron left his 8 year old daughter in the pub after a Sunday Lunch, the second largest (yesterday) was prompted by the revelation in yesterday’s Levenson enquiry, of the Yes We Cam text from Rebekah Brooks.

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The Sauce

Something for the weekend:

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