The Friday#: Cannes Film Festival 2012

By Hannah Emanuel on May 18th 2012


The Sizzle: Facebook IPO. The Fri-Up: Cannes. The Sauce: The Greeks.


The Sizzle:


The Fri-Up: The Cannes Film Festival 2012

For the last couple of days we’ve watched the world’s biggest film stars and celebrities hop on and off yachts and strut up and down the red carpet at Cannes.But is the festival chat all about dresses, parties and Cristal, or is it about the art of film making and awarding the directors and stars behind the masterpieces?

It is no secret that the red carpet at Cannes is now one of the most important commercial fashion opportunities on the world calendar and that, in recent years, Cannes has become almost as significant to fashion as to film.So what are mere mortals talking about and is this big designer advertising slot working for designers? In this week’s Friday# we see what social media says.

Firstly, let’s take a look  at the highest profile tweeters surrounding the film festival and see who’s tweeting at Cannes.

Fig 1: The Cannes Film Festival 2012

  • iamdiddy
  • peoplemag
  • EvaLongoria
  • HuffingtonPost
  • RealTonyRocha
  • AnnCurry
  • VogueParis
  • MichaelKors
  • lonelyplanet
  • Dior

Our top ten is very fashion and celebrity heavy, but the world of film is strangely absent.  Our list features the biggest influencers in music, media (including social media) and fashion.

Eva Longoria is the only person in the line-up with acting credentials, but she is not at Cannes to promote a film this year and has been lauded across the media and social networks for her fashion choices rather than her services to cinematography.

Aside from those there and their commentators, what is the general public’s take? For this we can take a look at the wordcloud.

Fig 2. Cannes Film Festival wordcloud

Although the red carpet features heavily in discussion across social networks, it is the films that shine out above the designers. Looking more closely at mentions surrounding John Paul Gaultier, who does feature in the cloud, people are actually talking about him as a guest rather than for his creations.

The conclusion? Moonrise Kingdom and Wes Anderson steal the Brandwatch Palme D’or for 2012.

The Sauce

Something for the weekend:


Hope you enjoyed the Friday#, have a great weekend.

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