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By Hannah Emanuel on May 25th 2012


The Sizzle: Facebook IPO. The Fri-Up: Cannes. The Sauce: The Greeks.

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The Sizzle:


Social Brands 100

The Fri-Up: Social Brands 100

It’s that time of year again when Brandwatch alongside our partners Headstream, reveal our definitive list of social brands in the Social Brands 100. Close to six months of tracking and analysis has gone into compiling this year’s list and at Brandwatch we’ve managed to dig deeper into our social data than ever before. This year we’ve been able to drill down to a per post level in consumers’ online interactions with brands.

We have ascertained how interactions are made and the value of each of those interactions on Facebook and Twitter. In order to do this, we’ve used an algorithm developed specifically for the Social Brands 100 project which counts and weights reach, response rate, timeliness, page engagement, type of content, and online presence.

If you have been nominated and have made it into the top 100 (full list here) then keep your fingers crossed for the big reveal on Tuesday. If you didn’t make the list or didn’t know about the Social Brands 100 ranking, you can still demonstrate your social status in front of the best in the business by taking up residence in our newest data visualisation, the Social Brands 100 wormery. You can easily get involved by tweeting the hashtag #SB100 to bag yourself a wormhole. Click here to enter the wormery.

Here’s a bit more about how our wormery works….
The Social Brands 100 Wormery visualises the conversation around Social Brands 100 (#SB100) by using  Brandwatch’s “Top Tweeters” component. Each worm represents one Twitter user and the number displays how often they’ve tweeted about Social Brands 100 (we started collecting the data in May 2012). The “Top” tweeter is the user who has tweeted the most about Social Brands 100, and “New” signifies the tweeter who posted about Social Brands 100 most recently.A full report on the Social Brands 100 will be launched at our Social Brands 100 event in London on Tuesday 29th May. The report will also be available from the Brandwatch website on Tuesday as the winner and full ranking is officially announced.
Until Tuesday, we’ll see you in the wormery!

The Sauce

Something for the weekend:

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