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V4D: Vizia for Developers

V4D is a program to allow JavaScript developers to create custom Vizia visualization applications. The Vizia Apps SDK (software development kit) allows you to take data from any source you have access to and transform it for consumption via a Vizia visualization display.

The Vizia application SDK is used in-house by the Vizia team to create the integrations that you see within Vizia today.


What's required?

An intermediate knowledge of JavaScript Development

A development environment running Windows or Mac OS

Written agreement to the V4D program terms

Not a developer?

You may engage a third party software development firm to develop the application for you. They will also need to agree to the V4D terms.


V4D is a way for external developers and companies to build visualizations to run on the Vizia platform.

It can be used for the following purposes:

  1. For your own organisation to display company specific information on your Vizia displays
  2. To build application that will allow other Vizia customers to access the data your company provides

If you intend to build an application for scenario 1. a short quality assurance process is required to make sure the application meeting the requirements of the V4D guidelines.

If you want to build application for wider release and consumption by Vizia customers, you will be required to discuss the objective of the application before you begin the development process.

All applications for release to Vizia customers must meet the Vizia application development guidelines, are subject to rigorous testing and could be disabled at the team’s request.



In order for a your app to be included in vizia you will need to deliver us a bundle build using bob (our build tool), along with a manifest.json file containing the bundle metadata and controls.

All of this will be created by default when using Mr-Bundle (our bundle creation helper)

This can be delivered into Vizia in one of two ways:

  1. Self hosted JavaScript and JSON files. The server must include CORS headers
  2. Installed into the Vizia app catalogue from NPM (Your support contact can create a group within the in-house repository if required for private distribution)

All applications must go through a review process before being added to Vizia, our QA (quality assurance) team will make sure the application meets our application guidelines.

“Integrating with Vizia is a really smooth experience. Our team found it very easy to get started with their first Vizia app following the documentation covering all relevant aspects enabling our customers to take Quintly data into Vizia.”

Frederik Born - Founder & CTO Quintly GmbH


The V4D Programme and the Vizia Apps SDK specifically allow you to create a Vizia application and controls to configure it.


Create applications visualizing data that you have the right to access and display.

Not permitted

The ability to control deck level functionality, or interact with other applications.

Interested? Get in touch to understand how you can get started

Once submitted, a member of the Vizia team will be in touch to discuss the program in more detail.

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