Brandwatch Analytics is available on a subscription basis and is accessed through your web browser. Our packages are based on the amount of data and level of support you need, with options to suit small/medium businesses up to large enterprises.

We’re happy to discuss your needs with you and put together a package that meets your requirements. Please get in touch for more information.


What’s included?


All Analytics features

Unlimited Users, Projects &

Workflows & Sharing

43 Languages

Email Support &
Help Center Access

Initial Training

Dedicated Account Manager

Standard API Access

Historical data
(available on Query set-up)

Data Storage



For small and medium brands.

From 10K Mentions/month
Unlimited Queries


1 month + optional upgrade

12 months

Most flexible


For large brands and agencies.
Suitable for nearly all needs.

From 1 Million Mentions/month
Unlimited Queries

Back to 2010




For large brands and agencies
conducting market research.

From 10 Queries
Unlimited Mentions

Back to 2010


What is a ‘Query’?

A Query is essentially a search term that looks for Mentions on the Web, but it can be as complicated (or as simple) as you like. Queries are built using search terms and Boolean operators (such as AND or OR).

Brandwatch has the widest range of Boolean operators of any platform on the market, allowing you to get the most refined, accurate, useful data possible.

What is a ‘Mention’?

Each social network post, forum or blog post or news story that contains content that matches your Query counts as a Mention.

We regularly crawl over 80 Million different websites to find Mentions of any brand, product or topic across the web.

For Agencies

We also have special packages for agencies – get in touch to find out more.

Brandwatch Vizia

Brandwatch Vizia is available on a per-license basis, on top of a Brandwatch Analytics subscription. Get in touch for more details.