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Combining high-quality mobile survey technology, a robust polling methodology, and expert data analysis,
our bulletins will be essential reading to get the pulse of the nation

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What question would you ask two billion people? With Brandwatch Qriously, you can survey billions across the globe, instantly.

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Instant answers

Reach 2 billion
people instantly.

Survey respondents via a smartphone, instantly, and across the globe.

High quality

Fast. Real-time.

Qriously successfully predicted nine recent elections, ahead of traditional pollsters. This is data you can trust.

Ask anything

Ask the world
whatever you want.

From brand tracking, to media measurements, you can ask anything to better understand consumers.

12 Dec 2019 | UK General Election

Vote share correct within 2 points for all parties

23 June 2016 | Brexit Referendum

The only firm to predict a Leave  Victory

08 Nov 2016 | US Elections

Correct calls on most of the tough swing states

04 Dec 2016 | Italian Referendum

Nearly perfect call of 40.9% yes, beating pollster consensus

08 June 2017 | UK Snap Elections

Predicted Labour surge & voter share better than any other pollster

04 Mar 2018 | Italian Elections

Predicted 5Star surge and advantage of League over Forza Italia

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How it works

Question real people

We replace banner ads with a survey in over 50,000 smartphone apps to engage respondents.

Collect survey data

Respondents see a full-screen survey filled with up to 20 dynamic questions.

Get answers

Collect results in real-time and slice and dice data to instantly discover what consumers really think.

What could you learn from
two billion people?

Monitor your brand

Track opinions towards your brand, your products and your competitors. See how awareness, consideration and loyalty can change in an instant.

Measure your campaigns

Track the effectiveness of your current and previous campaigns. See results as the campaign runs, monitoring your KPIs in real-time.

Discover your consumers

Instantly tap into the mindset of your actual and potential customers. Discover new market opportunities and test product hypothesis.

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Ask your question

Want to ask two billion people a question? Complete the form to book your demo and we’ll be happy to let you.

Why Qriously?

  • Fast: receive results in minutes rather than weeks

  • Accurate: survey actual people - not an incentivised panel

  • Reliable: successfully predicted nine recent major elections

  • Global: reach 150 countries including hard to reach markets

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