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Brandwatch | Reviews

Transform your online sales with Reviews

Reviews gives you comprehensive coverage and in-depth research tools for product reviews.


Consolidate thousands of reviews from multiple sites. Review’s best-in-class sentiment detection identifies opportunities and customer pain points to improve your online ranking.


Beat the competition

Compare and benchmark your competitors, spot weaknesses, and find relative strengths. Then leverage those insights to inform product development and marketing strategy and grow market share.


Find game-changing insights to inform pricing and marketing strategies. Customizable dashboards and entity mapping make it easy to break down thousands of reviews across products, brands, and entire markets.

Respond to

Quickly learn about new competitors, products and trends with in-app updates. Build product vs product dashboards to understand how reviewers are reacting to this new product or brand vs your own.

All the features

Entity mapping

Create custom categories to segment themes used in reviews. Develop insights on product uses, business opportunities, and more.

Customizable dashboards

Configurable, multi-use dashboards make deep-dive analysis and visual data storytelling more effective than ever.

Sentiment detection

Best in class sentiment detection built for reviews help you understand favorite features and opportunities to improve.

Project management

Manage multiple projects on brand performance, competitor benchmarking, and ecommerce strategy all in one app.

Review data

Collect millions of reviews across vendors, and import via search terms and categories. Deep dive into a single product or research entire markets.

New competitor updates

Be the first to learn about the latest competitors with in-app updates. Benchmark against new competitors to understand relative review performance.

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What you’ll learn with Brandwatch Reviews:

  • How to predict future reviews: Monitor reviews over time to gauge trends.

  • What common complaints consumers have: Discover complaints shared by consumers across 230 review sites.

  • Learn what features customers want: Spot the functionality multiple reviewers are asking for.

  • Discover untapped markets: Create a folder looking at reviews from an adjacent industry to spot opportunities.

Consumer Intelligence products

Consumer Research forms the basis of Brandwatch's consumer intelligence solution, with add-on apps providing enhanced functionality for specific use cases.

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