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The world's top companies for best-in-class customer experience

The Best Brands for CX

When it comes to emotions, value and service, how well does your company stack up?

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The world's top companies for best-in-class customer experienceThe Best Brands for CX

We analyzed 10 million real customer conversations to find out which brands offer best-in-class customer experience.


Across your business, several teams use dozens of different metrics to determine whether your company’s successful. However, more and more, executives realize that customer experience matters more than any other metric you report on.

What makes customer experience (CX) so important? CX represents all of your customers’ feelings about your company. Ultimately, every activity your marketing team does, every product release, every store opening, and every investment you make is done to improve those feelings.

Since social media is largest database of customer opinions, it’s the perfect data source for understanding CX.

From before they buy your products to when they have service questions, customers share their opinions online.

As part of our job to provide brands the best understanding of their customers, we analyzed these opinions around CX and compared brands based on three facets of the customer journey:

  • The emotions a brand elicits, and whether the brand makes people feel good,
  • The value of the company, or whether people view the company as valuable and indicated any purchase intent, and
  • The service of the company, and whether current customers can get the help they need.

By analyzing 10 million online conversations, we found the best brands for customer experience, according to their customers.

The overall best brands

Using Brandwatch Analytics, we were able to compare hundreds of the biggest, global brands based on emotions, value, and service.

Here are the top 100 brands that did the best in all three categories.

The top 100 brands for the best CX

Ranking Brand
1 TMobile
2 American Airlines
3 Southwest Airlines
4 MasterCard
5 Reebok
6 Lenovo
7 Sony
8 Comedy Central
10 Apple
11 American Express
12 Dove
13 United Airlines
14 Qatar Airways
15 Stradivarius
16 JetBlue
17 EE
18 Mercedes-Benz
19 KLM
20 BBC One
21 Delta Air Lines
22 Vodafone
23 O2
24 Virgin Media
25 Adidas
26 Channel 4
27 British Airways
28 Bershka
29 Telstra
30 Freeform
31 TD Bank
32 ITV
33 Xiaomi
34 Nickelodeon
35 Smart
36 Samsung Electronics
37 History
38 Lexus
39 Pampers
40 Iberia Airlines
41 Saudi Arabian Airlines
42 Sierra Nevada
43 Globe Telecoms
44 Huggies
45 BMW
46 Huawei
47 Verizon Wireless
48 Dell
49 AT&T
50 Cadillac
51 Cartier
52 Nissan
53 Budweiser
54 Microsoft
55 Sky
56 Gap
57 DirecTV
58 Sprint
59 Nike
60 Clorox
61 Nokia
62 Comcast
63 HTC
64 AMC
65 Nordstrom
66 Foot Locker
67 Ford
68 Motorola
69 Citibank
70 Jeep
71 Clean & Clear
72 Chevrolet
73 Target
74 Toyota
75 HBO
76 Volkswagen
77 GoPro
78 Interjet Airlines
79 Macys
81 Hersheys
82 Prudential
83 Oysho
84 Zappos
85 Vanguard
86 Stella Artois
87 Olay
88 Dodge
89 Southern Power Company
90 Movistar
91 AirAsia
92 Emirates Airline
93 Maker's Mark
94 Walgreens
95 Eni
96 Netflix
97 Pixar
98 Jack Daniel's
99 Zara
100 Johnson & Johnson
This ranking compared the brands based on customer emotions, responsiveness, and purchase intent. We dive into each of those in the following sections. For more information, see the methodology.
93% of senior executives said improving CX is one of their company’s top three priorities in the next two years.
— Brian Solis, Principal Analyst, Altimeter

Where to get the best experience

According to social media, if you’re looking for the overall best customer experience, look no further than these brands.


It is clear that at T-Mobile, customer happiness directly determines product and service strategy.

With the ability to stream Google Music, YouTube, Netflix, and several other services without using data, T-Mobile’s investment in CX is clear with their services and offerings. This makes it clear why they were the #5 most wanted brand online according our research.

In addition to their products and offerings, T-Mobile’s customer care department has been named #1 in customer service satisfaction by Nielsen Mobile Insights.

On Twitter, they consistently responded to at least 5% of the thousands of @mentions they get a week, and replied quicker than all but 1 other brand we looked at (on average 3.5 minutes after the customer message).

American Airlines

As a U.S airline with over 6,000 flights a day, American Airlines has kept customers at the center of their business—on and off the ground—since 1926.

American uses social listening to ensure that they always are committed to the needs of their customers.

Powering their command center—internally called their Social Hub—with customer social posts about their company, American’s communication team is always able to respond swiftly and safely to issues as soon as they arise.

Not only powering their social media response team, immediate messages and posts online are flagged by their command center and sent to every part of their business. From their maintenance team when notified of missing safety cards on an aircraft, to their operation centers in case of emergencies, no corner of the business misses important customer insights.

With this commitment, its no surprise that they’ve landed #2 overall in CX, and made it to the top 20 most responsive and quickest responding brands in our rankings below.

Emotions: The most pleasing brands

Well before anyone considers buying your products, they’ve likely already experienced two things:

  1. they’ve seen advertising or other brand messages before, and
  2. they have people in their network—friends, colleagues, family—who have opinions about your company.

Before they even think about using your brand, their customer experience journey has started and perceptions of your brand have been formed.

So, learning the emotions your brand elicits and listening to how people talk about your brand is one of the first indications of a healthy CX.

Is your product pleasant to use? Did people like your latest commercial? What are the associations customers make with your brand, and are they positive?

All of these emotions play a role in your bottom line.

We deciphered these emotional conversations and found the most pleasing companies out there.

The following table shows the 25 brands that customers talk the most positively about.

25 Most Pleasing Brands

Ranking Most Pleasing Brands Percentage of happy conversations
1 Nickelodeon 98.2%
2 Dolce & Gabbana 97.5%
3 Sunoco 97.0%
4 Lexus 95.9%
5 Dove 95.7%
6 Huawei 95.2%
7 Versace 95.1%
8 Chanel 94.9%
9 MasterCard 94.6%
10 Cartier 94.6%
11 Maserati 94.5%
12 Stradivarius 94.0%
13 Burberry 94.0%
14 Bentley 93.8%
15 ConocoPhillips 93.8%
16 Eni 93.2%
17 Louis Vuitton 93.0%
18 Cadillac 92.8%
19 Etsy 92.5%
20 Reebok 92.5%
21 Yves Saint Laurent 91.8%
22 MTV 91.6%
23 Pixar 91.3%
24 SKYY 91.2%
25 Gap 91.1%
Percentages shows percent compared to all emotional conversation. See methodology for more information.

Most positive industries

To provide more context, we were interested to see if we could identify any trends based on industry.

We collapsed all the brands we monitored into 11 industries to find which industries generally garner the most positive conversation.

Most Pleasing Industries

[Brandwatch] allows us to stay as close to customer sentiment in real-time as we possibly can.
— James Sandora, Director of Global Digital Strategy and Integration, Kohler

Value: The most wanted brands

Positive conversations about your brand can give you a sense of your brand’s health.

However, specifically measuring how many people want to purchase your products or services or at your stores can be directly related to sales. These mentions are one true measure of whether your company is valuable to your customers.

“Intent-to-purchase” conversations—social media posts where people say they want, need, or will buy a product—express a desire for a product, and count people further in the customer journey.

Here are the top brands people were dying to buy.

25 Most Wanted Brands

Ranked Most Wanted Brands Volume of Purchase-Intent Conversations
1 Delta Air Lines 6534
2 Virgin Media 6229
3 Apple 6022
4 Sony 4967
5 TMobile 4521
6 British Airways 3944
7 Nintendo 3904
8 American Airlines 3584
9 EE 3258
10 United Airlines 3030
11 Southwest Airlines 2821
12 Nike 2784
13 Microsoft 2523
14 AT&T 2484
15 Nissan 2040
16 HBO 1900
17 Tide 1818
18 Verizon Wireless 1812
19 JetBlue 1808
20 Jaguar 1806
21 Sky 1802
22 BBC One 1753
23 Dove 1679
24 Discovery 1665
25 Food Network 1500
26 Vodafone 1486
Purchase-intent conversations were collected between January 1 - January 31, 2018. For more information on how we identified purchase-intent conversations, see the methodology.

Brand comparisons

We compared a few well-known competitors based on how many people wanted to buy them.

Brand Volume of purchase intent convo
Nissan 2040
Kia 71
Purchase-intent conversations were collected between January 1 - January 31, 2018
Brand Volume of purchase intent convo
Coca-Cola 599
Pepsi-Cola 418
Brand Volume of purchase intent convo
Nestle 126
Mondelez 12
Brand Volume of purchase intent convo
Chanel 148
Dior 149
The digital customer experience is becoming as important a differentiator for brands as product and price.
— Ben Davis, Marketing Week

Service: The most responsive brands

Once you’ve got your customer base, how successful are you at responding to their questions, concerns, and needs?

This section, we look at customer service—a vital part of customer experience—and identify the brands and industries most invested in responding to their customers.

Most responsive brands

What became clear once we looked at responsiveness of brands is that few companies respond to more than 10% of the direct @mentions they receive online. This makes the companies that do resonate that much betterstanding out from the pack.

These are the brands that responded to the most of their customers’ messages:

25 Most Responsive Brands

Ranking Most responsive brands Response rate Response time in hours
1 Virgin Media 64.1% 3.3
2 ClaroBrasil 57.2% 14.9
3 Vodafone 44.1% 1.6
4 Apple 40.8% 1.5
5 Telstra 39.4% 0.9
6 Zappos 37.4% 1.6
7 Bershka 37.3% 12.7
8 EE 36.6% 3.6
9 Galeria Kaufhof 36.0% 4.0
10 Stradivarius 32.0% 3.8
11 Southwest Airlines 30.6% 0.3
12 O2 30.6% 3.0
13 British Airways 27.0% 3.6
14 Azul Linhas Aereas 25.4% 7.9
15 TD Bank 23.5% 1.0
16 KLM 21.6% 1.3
17 Kohls 21.3% 2.8
18 American Airlines 21.0% 0.5
19 Iberia Airlines 18.9% 3.1
20 Delta Air Lines 18.3% 8.0
21 JetBlue 18.1% 0.4
22 Clean & Clear 17.1% 8.1
23 Nordstrom 16.8% 0.3
24 United Airlines 15.3% 1.6
25 Comedy Central 13.5% 0.0

Quickest brands to respond

According to one survey, 32% of people who contact a brand on social media expect a response within 30 minutes. A further 10% expect a response within 60 minutes.

It doesn’t just matter that you respond; you’ve got to respond quickly.

We wanted to know which brands truly take that to heart.

25 Quickest Brands to Respond

Ranking Quickest responding brands Response time in minutes Response rate
1 Comedy Central 1.5 13.54%
2 TMobile 3.9 5.50%
3 GameStop 4.3 0.01%
4 Repsol 6.5 0.02%
5 Netflix 7.5 0.01%
6 ASOS 10.9 0.24%
7 Xiaomi 14.5 0.03%
8 Nordstrom 15.5 16.79%
9 Citibank 16.0 0.55%
10 Reebok 18.3 1.07%
11 Southwest Airlines 19.2 30.62%
12 JetBlue 22.8 18.13%
13 Macys 26.6 5.61%
14 Motorola 27.9 1.76%
15 American Airlines 32.3 20.98%
16 Lenovo 43.9 4.81%
17 Sony 48.5 0.50%
18 Orange 51.3 0.01%
19 Telstra 53.7 39.40%
20 History 55.6 0.08%
21 MTV 58.9 0.25%
22 TD Bank 61.8 23.52%
23 Target 72.3 0.26%
24 Channel 4 72.9 0.05%
25 KLM 75.6 21.63%

Most responsive industries

With over half of the top 25 responsive brands coming from telecommunications or airline industries, we suspected there were bigger trends on how different industries invest in social customer care.

Below we identified how quickly 11 sectors responded to their customers, and what percent of their @mentions get replies.

Most responsive industries

Quickest responding industries

Understanding how conversation changes and having the ability to react in a timely manner for our clients allows us to give them the information that matters, when it matters.
— Tom Robinson, Head of Content Strategy & Distribution, MediaCom Beyond Advertising


Using Analytics, we collected millions of customer opinions and found the brands committed to best-in-breed experience.

From the emotions your brand creates, to the quality of service you provide, social listening is the perfect tool to make sure you’re always at the top of your customer experience.


This report analyzed 220 brands in total, 20 brands in 11 sectors. The brands were selected through two processes. First, we examined revenue and output lists, industry literature, and social data to compile a list of the biggest brands on social. Then, to determine which brands were the most active on social media, we identified the 20 brands in 11 sectors with the highest social following.

To rank the overall best brands for CX, we ranked all 220 brands by emotions, value and service, then averaged their rankings for each metric (For instance, if brand X was #1 in emotions, #3 in value, and #5 in service, their average ranking would be 3). We then sorted all 220 brands by their average ranking from lowest to highest to find which brands were overall higher across our metrics.

Emotions: measuring pleasing conversations

Pleasing conversations were identified using two methods. First, we used emojis to identify positive and negative emotions. We used Unicode’s official positive and negative face classifications. Therefore, conversations using emojis that represent joy (? ? ? etc.). were considered positive. As an additional metric, we used Brandwatch’s automatic sentiment analysis, which uses machine-learning techniques to automatically categorize the sentiment of dozens of languages.

Value: measuring the most wanted brands

To measure the volume of conversations around customers wanting brands, we created “intent” rules to automatically tag any brand mentions with purchase intent. All of these rules search for mentions with a personal pronoun (I, “I’d”, we, etc.) in front of an expansive list of action phrases or terms related to the specific industry. For instance, for the retail industry, action phrases would look like “want to go to” or “gotta hit up” or “trying to go to”; for the consumer technology companies, these terms would look like “want to buy” or “gotta have” or “plan to get”. For more information on purchase intent rules, see our handy how-to article.

Service: measuring responsiveness

Response rates and times were determined by dividing the number of brand replies by the number of audience @mentions over a given time frame, then evaluating the time difference between the @mention and reply. is now part of Brandwatch.
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