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Social Insights on the Public Sector

The following report examines the online conversation surrounding government, politics, and the social presence of 49 public sector agencies. Specifically, we explore:

  • The Public Sector Social Index
  • Research on agency-audience interactions
  • Sector-level and agency-level demographic analyses
  • In-depth sentiment and category analyses to reveal specific trends and crises

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Page contents

Social media has energized political conversations all across the world. Each month, people mention public sector organizations millions of times, responding to events or crises and engaging in honest, political conversations. Given the ease of obtaining information and sharing opinions online, global conversations about social and political matters are growing and diversifying, with more people participating than any other time in history.

The data embedded on social media has the opinions, concerns and sentiments of millions of individuals in every corner of the world. But how good are public sector agencies at listening to social data to learn from their constituents, and where does the sector as a whole fall short?