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Special report in partnership with Twitter

25 Things We Learned Analyzing Billions of Tweets

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Special report in partnership with Twitter25 Things We Learned Analyzing Billions of Tweets

6,000 Tweets are posted every second. That’s 6,000 views, opinions, ideas, complaints, stories, compliments. It's live human thought. And we can use it to try and answer any question.


Q1: Does Starbucks spell your name wrong on purpose?

Probably not, but it’s not a bad idea. The brand generates far more high quality engagement because of it. (Full analysis)

Q2: Where do fast food fans get their news?

All over the place, although Chick-fil-A customers seem to really like FOX News. (Full analysis)

Q3: What words do we associate with car brands?

For BMW it’s luxury, for Mercedes-Benz it’s comfort and for Ford it’s speed. (Full analysis)

Q4: Does your state prefer beer, liquor or wine?

People in California are wine drinkers, people in Illinois are beer fans and people in Colorado are liquor lovers.

Q5: What do consumers want from their financial services?

Convenience trumps security almost 9 to 1. (Full analysis)

Leg day is talked about the most. When gym-goers successfully hit the squat rack, they tell people about it. (Full analysis)

Q7: Which cleaning products dominate conversation in each state?

Take a look at the map to see which parent companies’ products are discussed most online in each state. (Full analysis)


Q8: Who was the top-mentioned character during Game of Thrones Season 7?

Daenerys Targaryen got more mentions than any other character this season. (Full analysis)

Q9: Who was the biggest act at Glastonbury 2017?

Jeremy Corbyn, by a wide margin. (Full analysis)

Assassin’s Creed: Origins was the top mentioned game announced at one of the major conferences in the E3 conversation. (Full analysis)

Q11: Which Stranger Things character is the most hyped on Twitter?

We found that Will Byers was the top-mentioned of the main characters. Eleven came in second. (Full analysis)

Q12: What impact did the casting of Harry Styles have on Dunkirk’s audience?

A very big one. (Full analysis)


Q13: Who are the most influential men and women on Twitter?

Brandwatch Audiences, which looks beyond follower count to other influence metrics, gives the top spots to Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. Find out more about Audiences

Q14: What are Millennials killing now?

They’re out for blood, and chain restaurants are apparently next. (Full analysis)

Q15: Do men and women use emojis differently?

Boys don’t cry. (Full analysis)

Q16: What day are people most hungover?

Posts about being hungover spike dramatically on Sundays. (Full analysis)

Q17: Are dog people and cat people really that different?

Dog people care more about their families, among other things. (Full analysis)

Q18: How many people tweeted about this year’s solar eclipse?

A LOT. (Full analysis)

Q19: When do New Yorkers crave pizza the most?

10pm is the most common time to vent about their cravings – make sure you order in advance! (Full analysis)

If you’ve got more than 500 followers and you’re based in the US, you’re in the top 15% most followed Tweeters. (Full analysis)


Q21: How safe are our smartphones?

Broken screens are apparently more common than water damage. (Full analysis)

Q22: What diets are food influencers talking about this year?

Veganism is in right now. (Full analysis)

Q23: Which industries respond to your Tweets fastest?

The NBA, then the airline industry. (Full analysis)

Smart homes, followed by VR. (Full analysis)

Q25: How many earned visual mentions am I missing without a logo recognition tool?

We’ve found up to 92% of a brand’s tweeted visual mentions posted without including the brand name in the accompanying text. (Full analysis)

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