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The big picture.

A data visualization platform designed to bring social and marketing insights to life.


Integrate data sources to gain a view of the big picture.

The Framework

Integrate data to tell the best stories. The Framework is a Javascript development framework allowing any organization to build custom apps to run on the Vizia platform.

Distribution Hub

Bring your stories to life on any screen, anywhere.

Global Distribution

Control the who, what, when and where of your data with a best-in-class command console. Take complete control and manage what is being shown where at any moment. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface gives your team the ability to update and refresh screens effortlessly.

The Chrome Extension

Don’t allow your data and insights live in silos. Simply download and install the Chrome Extension to get started. After signing in, you’ll see your device or installation appear in distribution hub, and you can then send your Vizia content to any screen, anywhere.


Choose impactful visualizations to represent your data




Key Stats






One of the challenges the Vizia platform helps us tackle is turning complex information into something easier to digest, so that it can have an impact both on brand communication and on the business.

- Patricia Medina, Vector B/ Grupo Bimbo,

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