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CASE STUDYAttentionMedia

As a digital growth agency, AttentionMedia specializes in providing social media management, content creation, and paid advertising services to a diverse set of both regional and national clients. From its bootstrapped origin as a one-person operation out of Anthony Murphy’s home in Victoria, Australia, AttentionMedia quickly expanded to seven-figure revenue with 4 full-time employees and a number of independent contractors working under a location-agnostic model.

In an industry fraught with skepticism, Anthony and his team believe that strong customer relationships and superior service are the most vital keys to success. That being said, AttentionMedia’s social media management services were hindered by clunky, rudimentary processes — and this detracted from clients’ overall experience.

With our help, AttentionMedia was able to drastically improve its service delivery with more streamlined tools and processes — especially on the client side — and these improvements now aid both customer satisfaction/retention and new business wins as AttentionMedia continues to scale.

“We spent a couple of years using other platforms — they just didn’t do everything that we wanted them to.”
— Anthony Murphy, Founder & CEO of AttentionMedia

The Challenge

AttentionMedia struggled with disjointed processes and outdated delivery methods that left a lot to be desired. Social media calendars were drawn up in spreadsheets and Word documents (often by dragging and dropping text/images between files), then shared with clients as email attachments. Needless to say, this system was not only lacking in terms of organization and efficiency but also appeared old-fashioned and unprofessional, negatively weighing on clients’ perception of AttentionMedia’s service.

To handle post scheduling, AttentionMedia tried several other leading platforms in the market. Each came with its own set of pros and cons, but the limited capabilities ultimately fell short of what Anthony and his team needed from a social media management tool. As Anthony explained, “We spent a couple of years using other platforms — they just didn’t do everything that we wanted them to.”

More specifically, AttentionMedia needed an all-in-one, easy-to-use platform that could unify social media publishing and scheduling activities, support the creation of posts and previews, and facilitate seamless sharing with clients by allowing them to view everything directly within the platform. So, Anthony set out to find a solution that met these criteria — and that’s when he came across our suite of social media management solutions.

The Solution

AttentionMedia now manages all client social media scheduling and publishing from a single, integrated hub. Content is produced by the creative team, then sent to AttentionMedia’s social media manager — who can then create calendars, posts, and previews within the platform. If posts require approval, that task can be easily delegated either internally or externally, and everything can be shared quickly and simply via access to the interface.

By eliminating fragmented Word documents and spreadsheets and replacing them with holistic functionality and clean UI, AttentionMedia was able to immediately reap the benefits of:

  • Improved organization and streamlined workflows to optimize employee productivity and effectiveness. 
  • Elevated client experience/perception to maximize customer satisfaction and retention.

And, for Anthony and his team, these advantages were increasingly essential as AttentionMedia’s business progressed and grew.

“It cut out spreadsheets, it cut out Word docs, it cut out all the mess and the clutter — it was an all-in-one package that was professional and we knew that was a big thing for us to move forward.”
— Anthony Murphy, Founder & CEO of AttentionMedia

The Impact

AttentionMedia has seen a positive impact across multiple facets of the business, including internal operations, client retention, and even client acquisition/growth. Each of these three components is closely interrelated and revolves around an essential core: the level of service that AttentionMedia is able to provide to its clients. For that reason, the enhanced service AttentionMedia can offer contributes to the ongoing success of the company as a whole.

“Our level of service has continued to step up and that’s helped us retain clients — it makes the job much easier and more frictionless for the team working on the accounts as well. So, all in all, it’s definitely had a positive impact on our growth.”
— Anthony Murphy, Founder & CEO of AttentionMedia

As a fundamental element of their service delivery, Anthony and his team highlight the advantages of the platform in sales presentations to prospects. Doing so has served as an additional selling point, fostering confidence, bolstering the value proposition, and, ultimately, helping AttentionMedia close deals.


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