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  • Amy Cooper
  • @amy_cooper

I finally found a non-dairy Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey! They are ALWAYS out of stock

  • Sarah Adams
  • @sarah_j_adams

Usually I hate ads, but this @AXE “great hairstyle” commercial on YouTube is so good I look forward to it every time. #NoPlantDiesOnYou

  • The Body Coach
  • @thebodycoach

That new Ben and Jerry’s advert with the Cookie core is hounding me. If I see it one more time I’m doing a choccy run 🙏

  • Rachel Wilson
  • @eatcleandiary

a mug of hot green tea to warm me up! #Lipton #GreenTea #detox

  • TechCrunch

Why did Unilever pay $1B for Dollar Shave Club?

  • SunshineMommy

Used Dove volumising shampoo the other day as I’d run out of my usual expensive siliconey shampoo - thinking that my hair would turn into a frizz bomb. It dried so easily and smoothly.

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“The new axe commercial breaking gender roles & encouraging boys to rock their high heels is amazing & makes me happy.”
Tech Crunch|@TechCrunch
“Why did Unilever pay $1B for Dollar Shave Club?”
Press coverage|PR team alerted
“That new Ben and Jerry’s advert with the Cookie core is hounding me. If I see it one more time I’m doing a choccy run 🙏”

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