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Understand how consumers are responding.

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Understand your

Understand how consumers talk about you online with Brandwatch’s data library of 1.4 trillion conversations. Make faster, data-driven decisions today.

Use Cases

Crisis Management

Brand Management

Competitor Analysis

Customer Experience

Content Strategy

Influencer Marketing

Crisis Management

The tools to
protect your brand

Stay on top of any emerging crisis by receiving real-time alerts and using live data to keep the entire organisation in-the-know.

Brand Management

Track brand health
in real-time

Stay confident in your brand perception. Monitor changes in sentiment, understand customer opinions, and track fluctuations in brand health.

Competitor Analysis

Benchmark your

Monitor share of voice and benchmark key metrics against your competitors to inform strategies, uncover opportunities, and detect risks.

Customer Experience

Know what your
customers think

Drive a consumer-first culture by monitoring the customer journey and distributing insights directly to your organisation.

Content Strategy

Create authentic
personalized content

Ensure original, personalized content reaches your target audience, and connect with them on topics they find relevant.

Influencer Marketing

Optimize your
influencer strategy

Increase audience engagement by identifying and tracking top influencers and micro-influencers for your consumer base.

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