May 28th |

Not an Expert? Not a Problem: We’re Launching Expert Hours

During some extensive customer segmentation work last year we discovered that the happiest Brandwatch users are, unsurprisingly, those who use the platform most, and feel confident and able to get everything they need from it.

Obviously with any platform as advanced as ours there’s a learning curve. You can’t always just dive headfirst and uncover the insights you want to see – you need to learn how to use it properly, take your time.

But not everyone has the time to become an expert, and we appreciate that. (more…)

May 20th |

Communities: We Rate the Top 10 Free Twitter Chat Tools

You may have participated in, or at least seen, a Twitter chat on your feed. Twitter users around the world host chats at specific times and days of the week, for anyone to participate in by following a single hashtag – like our #BrandwatchTips hashtag we use during webinars or live events.

Generally, these live Twitter events have a host, and sometimes a guest, who ask questions before everybody else chimes in. Twitter chats are an effective way to network, share and learn from like-minded people with common interests. (more…)

May 19th |

Research: Social Listening in the Restaurant, Food and Beverage Industry

The restaurant, food and beverage industry, accompanied by a passionate and increasingly informed consumer base, is erratic.

With the ferocity of today’s research, trends, diets and the like, products and brands that were once considered staples are now being brought into question. Conversely, products that were once obscure now blanket the shelves of grocery stores and restaurant menus. (more…)

May 19th |

Research: The Rapid Rise and Even More Rapid Fall of 3D Movies

When Avatar premiered in 2009, many predicted that 3D movies would change the future of cinema. Almost five and a half years on, the stats paint a different picture.

In 2012, 41 movies had 3D attached to them. In 2013, 35 movies. And in 2014, just 28 movies involved 3D.

With around 700 new movies (BFI) released each year, the percentage of films with 3D visuals is getting slimmer and slimmer. (more…)