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Top 10 Marketing Campaigns of 2017

It’s that time of the year when we take a deep breath, look back, and with our thinking caps on, we analyze our main highlights for this year. What have we learned? What’s changed? What has made an impact on us? #InsideBrandwatch, we often share interesting ideas, campaigns, and articles we find on the web […] Read more

By Ruxandra Mindruta on November 21st 2017

Interview: Getting Your Business Ready for the Next Disruption with Minter Dial

We’re no longer on the verge of massive change; we’re right in the middle of it. The leaders of new marketing organizations have increasingly started to shift their attention towards consumer behaviors, becoming masters of aligning strategy around customer experience, orchestrating resources, and driving the enterprise forward. To find out more about emerging technologies, disruption, […] Read more

Interview By Ruxandra Mindruta on November 21st 2017

The Marketer of 2018: Using Social Data to Improve ROI

Previously in our Marketer of 2018 series we’ve talked about customer experience and making data-backed decisions. This week we’re onto ROI and social data. Obviously here at Brandwatch we believe social data is incredibly useful and powerful. It’s versatile too, meaning it can be used in all areas of your marketing. In this blog post […] Read more

Marketing By Nick Taylor on November 20th 2017

Groupon, Eurostar, Fitbit: We’ve Found the Best Consumer Insights Roles for You

Being lucky enough to have unfettered access to Brandwatch Analytics, we try to keep ourselves busy using it for the good of you guys In the outside world. Having recently spent more time delving into the always interesting world of consumer market insights, we’ve been using Brandwatch Analytics to uncover and select the best roles […] Read more

Marketing: 105 Amazing Social Media Statistics and Facts

It is a fact of the internet that every click, every view and every sign-up is recorded somewhere. Depending on your view, this is either very creepy or fantastically interesting.  As we’re data nerds here at Brandwatch we fall firmly in the second camp. We come across all sorts of interesting stats about social media […] Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on November 18th 2017

More Tabs, Please #1: Robots, Dead Poets, and Bugs

Welcome to More Tabs, Please. This is Brandwatch’s new series where we collate a bunch of recommended content we think you should see. We’ll be suggesting stuff every week (even if it’s not from this week), including articles, podcasts, artists, designers,  music and whatever else. Any topic is fair game. Our customers are a diverse […] Read more

Culture By Joshua Boyd on November 16th 2017

The UK’s Best Christmas Ads 2017, Ranked By Data

Christmas is officially here, or so the TV would have you think. We’ve traced social media mentions of the major Christmas ads 2017 as they were released to see which were best received. The Brandwatch React team have kept a close eye on ads being released over the last few weeks, setting up queries for […] Read more

Trending By Gemma Joyce on November 16th 2017

The Marketer of 2018: Taking Ownership of Customer Experience

You see it everywhere. The last quarter of the year, people slowly stop taking on bigger projects in the spirit of preparing for the new year. Budgets are finalized, strategies are developed, and by the time December starts, you’ve likely got a good idea of what Q1 looks like. However, what we often miss when […] Read more

Marketing By Alex Jones on November 15th 2017

EA Posts the Most Downvoted Comment in Reddit History

The hotly anticipated Starwars: Battlefront II will be released this Friday, but the lead-up to the release has seen controversy in the form of a Reddit backlash at a feature of the game and a subsequent reply from EA that became the most downvoted comment in Reddit history. Ouch. How it all began While the […] Read more

Entertainment By Gemma Joyce on November 14th 2017

The Most Influential Men and Women on Twitter 2017

Heroes don’t always wear capes just like influencers aren’t always heads of state (although sometimes they are). This time last year the Brandwatch React team named the most influential men and women on Twitter. And now, as 2017 begins to slow down, we’re going to do it all over again! Methodology Brandwatch uses a vast […] Read more

Influencers By Gemma Joyce on November 13th 2017

John Lewis 2017: Trying to Understand #MoztheMonster on a Hangover is Harder Than You’d Think

NEWSFLASH! Christmas isn’t – despite what you may think – only about hastily-bought presents wrapped in tin foil, and questionable, claggy Pret sandwiches with sprouts in. Christmas is, in fact, the holiday where we celebrate the big J. Not Jesus, John Lewis. You know the drill. Every November, just after the halloween decorations are boxed […] Read more

Trending By Natalie Meehan on November 10th 2017

Five Cool Things You Can Do By Analyzing Who People Follow on Twitter

Following an account can mean different things to different people. Some people follow because they agree with an account’s views and enjoy their content. Others, although probably fewer, follow because they detest the account’s content but are nonetheless interested to see it. Others follow because the account provides an important service to them – it […] Read more

By Gemma Joyce on November 9th 2017

Customer Story: Understanding the Habits and Attitudes of New Mothers

Mavens is an insights and strategy consultancy with years of experience in providing innovative research, measurement, analytics, SEO and digital strategy to some of the world’s largest brands.   With a client list that includes global companies Unilever, Philips, the Asahi Group, Essity, Pfizer and Diageo its efforts and data sources span all countries and […] Read more

Case Study By Hannah Tregear on November 8th 2017