The Complete Guide to Social Media Lead Generation

Your social media platforms can be a gold mine for leads. Brandwatch uses our presence on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to generate leads, so we’re going to preach what we practice. If you get it right, social media lead generation is a viable and valuable strategy. Don’t let anyone else tell you different. We’ve […] Read more

Marketing By Joshua Boyd on May 25th 2018

What’s the Best Social Strategy for Fashion Brands?

If you’re a fashion company, how do you strike a balance between having an illustrious, exclusive brand, and promoting inclusivity and expanding your customer base? Does one strategy win out over the other? Turns out, it depends on whether your brand is seen as “luxury”. In our most recent update to our Social Index, a global […] Read more

Research By Alex Jones on May 23rd 2018

Which Brands Do Car Enthusiasts Care About Most?

The internet has seen vast forums open up for hobbyists and fans from all kinds of fields, from veganism to bronies. Realizing that the list of our more obscure analyses of niche groups was beginning to outweigh the more common ones, we decided we’d take a look at car enthusiasts. Mainly because that’s a normal […] Read more

Research By Gemma Joyce on May 18th 2018

Case Study: How Co-op Uses Brandwatch Across Different Time Frames

As one of the UK’s leading food retailers, and with a vast range of services including funeral care and insurance, Co-op is a huge operation with its members at its heart. We caught up with them to see how Brandwatch’s suite of products are used to help teams across the organization, from circumstances that demand […] Read more

Case Study By Gemma Joyce on May 17th 2018

Event Recap: NYK Chicago 2018 Highlights, Day Two

You asked for it, so here it is: our recap of day two of our third annual US edition of Now You Know. 😃 We brought hundreds of the smartest folks in marketing, research, technology and social media together for two days of mind-blowing magic (literal and figurative magic) and intelligence. And if you attended […] Read more

Culture By Alex Jones on May 17th 2018

38 Interesting and Fascinating Snapchat Statistics

Snapchat has come a very long way from its beginnings. Brushed off by older people and embraced by the younger generations, it’s now one of the major social media platforms. From the general public to brands, Snapchat has something to offer everyone. To help you better understand Snapchat’s place in the world, we’ve put together […] Read more

Marketing By Joshua Boyd on May 17th 2018

Event Recap: NYK Chicago 2018 Highlights, Day One

It’s been just a few days since we left the beautiful city of Chicago with bleary eyes, full hearts, full brains, fuller stomachs, and tons of ideas we’ve taken back to the workplace (and beyond). We were there, of course, for the third annual US edition of our Now You Know event series. Joined by […] Read more

Culture By Natalie Meehan on May 16th 2018

Brandwatch and the GDPR: What You Need to Know

Unless you’ve been somewhere with no access to the tv, your email account, or anyone who you work with, you’ll have heard about the GDPR. Those four little letters have been cropping up everywhere of late, as the new ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ is due to come into effect on May 25th 2018. Thus, you’ll […] Read more

Product By Natalie Meehan on May 16th 2018

Eurovision 2018 Data: Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know

It’s not often that I volunteer to work Saturday night, but I couldn’t resist bringing the Eurovision 2018 data to the people. The data they deserve. We’ve been live tweeting all evening with the stats as the competition went on, and in this post we have a full run-down of the biggest data points. The […] Read more

Trending By Gemma Joyce on May 12th 2018

Brand Monitoring Explained: Tips and Tools

On the internet, and particularly on social media, anyone and everyone can talk about your brand and reach a huge audience. Whether its a celeb bigging up your product or a tweeted complaint going viral, you never know what the day will bring. Brand monitoring is the solution for keeping on top of this. What […] Read more

Marketing By Joshua Boyd on May 10th 2018

How Fortnite is Bossing Reaching Mainstream Audiences With High Profile Collaborations

Do you remember the happiness you felt as a child on a sandy beach, the tide three miles from the shore? Your ice cream has sand on it, your shoes have sand in them, your clothes are covered in sand, the sum of all your earthly possessions are drowning in waves of sand. But you […] Read more

How to Equip Your Team to Create Incredible Reactive Content

Reactive content is a brilliant way to generate engagement, gain followers and communicate the personality of your brand. That said, it’s also fleeting, potentially frivolous and, in places, risky. There’s definitely a right way to create reactive content and, despite the often speedy delivery, there need to be structures in place a long time before […] Read more

Marketing By Gemma Joyce on May 8th 2018

The World’s Most Popular Logos

Apparently, we see over 3,000 different advertisements every single day. Brands spend millions of dollars to appear everywhere we look, whether it’s on buildings, TV screens, concert arenas, or shop windows. But which brand appears the most? The most popular logos in the world Using Brandwatch we collected over 250 million images shared on Twitter and […] Read more

Marketing By Phillip Agnew on May 8th 2018