The Happiest Places On Earth (According To Emojis)

Where are the happiest places on earth?? Which state is most content? Where will you find the most cheerful population? Historically there’s been no easy way to find out. However, Brandwatch’s new emoji analysis functionality allowed us to finally shed some light on these important questions. How to find the happiest places on Earth We […] Read more

By Phillip Agnew on January 16th 2018

More Tabs, Please #6: Fatal Flu, Hotel Hacks, and Viral Lists

And we’re back. The dust is settling on 2018 and we’ve got the rest of our live ahead of us. More Tabs, Please will continue to bring you great reads, watches, and listens each week and the first of 2018 is looking pretty good. We tried to keep it slightly optimistic, but I don’t think […] Read more

Culture By Joshua Boyd on January 12th 2018

The Most Hotly Anticipated Superhero Movies 2018

The Brandwatch React team is ready to share the most hyped superhero movies 2018 – it’s the third year running we’ve made these calculations with Deadpool coming first in 2016 and Spiderman: Homecoming our most hyped superhero movie of 2017. Which movie will top the list this year? Who’s talking about the biggest superhero movies […] Read more

Entertainment By Gemma Joyce on January 12th 2018

Four Ecommerce Trends for 2018: What Should We Expect?

The ecommerce trends we see in 2018 might not see a huge departure from what’s been on the horizon for a long time – we’ll likely just see a lot more of the futuristic, long-hyped stuff become realized. Regardless, ecommerce is a huge part of today’s world and its economic impact is becoming more important. […] Read more

Marketing By Gemma Joyce on January 10th 2018

The Most Negative Places On Earth (According To Emojis)

Where are the most negative places on earth? Which state is most downbeat? Where will you find the saddest population? Historically there’s been no easy way to answer these questions. However, Brandwatch’s new emoji analysis functionality allowed us to finally shed some light on these very important questions. The data We analyzed 6 billion tweets […] Read more

Research By Phillip Agnew on January 10th 2018

5 Steps For Bringing Social Data to the Heart of Corporate Planning and Marketing Strategy

Real people in real situations, talking about real things in their real words and in real time. It’s like being given access to the world’s biggest and best focus group. Compelling, isn’t it? Market research transformed. Advertising planning reinvigorated. Customer service taken to new heights. Marketing campaigns informed by new insights into customer behavior and […] Read more

Commentary By Martin Thomas on January 9th 2018

6 Facts About Emojis Found Using New Analysis

95% of internet users have sent an emoji at some point. Over 10 billion emojis are sent each day. But we still know very little about how the world uses emojis and what it all means. Introducing Brandwatch Emoji Analysis Emoji might now be the internet’s most popular language, which is why we’ve built Emoji […] Read more

By Phillip Agnew on January 9th 2018

Boolean Query Writing: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re new to Brandwatch Analytics, Boolean query writing may seem a bit scary to you. All those intimidating characters! I understand. It’s inviting to just go for that Query Wizard button. If that’s how you feel, I want you to keep on reading. It’s my secret mission here at Brandwatch to turn you into […] Read more

Guide By Joakim Nilsson on January 4th 2018

Social Media Trends 2018: What to Expect

This year is set to be an interesting one in the industry so we’ve put together a list of social media trends we expect to see in 2018. The industry is ripe for upheaval as money pours in and controversies pop out. While it’s unlikely any big players are going the way of Myspace in […] Read more

Marketing By Joshua Boyd on January 4th 2018

Analyzing 900k Reddit and Twitter Posts Reviewing Black Mirror Season 4

Black Mirror Season 4 has been on our screens for five days, so any self respecting fan will have definitely watched all six instalments by now. If you haven’t, hit close because spoilers are coming thick and fast in our first data analysis of the year, reviewing the new episodes. We can be confident that […] Read more

Entertainment By Gemma Joyce on January 2nd 2018

Data Driven Dating Advice For Those Who Are Lonely This Christmas

For many of us, the holiday season is about spending time with family and friends. People tweet about travelling home, shopping for presents, baking cookies, and enjoying the company of their favorite people. Some folks, however, are looking for Santa to bring them a special someone this holiday season. A boo, a GF, BF – […] Read more

Netflix’s Most Binged Shows 2017: What Does the Social Data Say?

The weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful, when there’s simply no place to go, binge some shows, binge some shows, binge some shows! I’d love to say this will be the last time this year that I try to shoehorn our content into a Christmas song… Anyway, as data nerds, we […] Read more

Entertainment By Gemma Joyce on December 21st 2017

2017: Brandwatch’s Year in Review

We really don’t like to brag, but 2017 was truly an exciting year for us. With new customers, new products, new teammates and even a whole new company joining Brandwatch, we’ve got a lot to round up. Here’s a brief look back at what we’ve accomplished this year. The product 2017 was a landmark year […] Read more

Trending By Phillip Agnew on December 21st 2017