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The Best Instagram Campaigns and Why They Work

The oldest cave paintings so far discovered are said to be over 40,000 years old. Humans have quite a history with visual imagery and while the medium might evolve, the storytelling power of an image has remained constant. From cave drawings to … Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on October 21st 2016

NYK Europe Live: Day Two

Good morning everyone! It’s bright and early and the beginning of NYK day two, and if you followed the liveblog yesterday, or the Chicago liveblogs back in May, you know how this goes down. If not, in short, I’ll be updating this throughout … Read more

Community By Natalie Meehan on October 21st 2016

How to Get More Followers: 30 Tips from the Experts

Whether you act on behalf of your company or your personal brand, social media marketing is about spreading your message to the people who are likely to be interested. As soon as we open a social account we wonder how to get … Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on October 20th 2016

Political Showdown: Social Media Reacts to the Third Presidential Debate

The third and final presidential debate was just as lively as we have come to expect from the 2016 candidates. Foreign affairs, taxes, immigration, vote rigging, respect for women: there was a lot to get through. While the final presidential … Read more

Politics By Kellan Terry on October 20th 2016

NYK Europe Live: Day One

The day is finally here. It’s October 20th, London is looking beautiful, we can see the Shard from the front door, and the inaugural Now You Know Europe is underway. I’m going to be guiding you through the next two days from Prospero House … Read more

Community By Natalie Meehan on October 20th 2016

Ask an Expert: 8 Tips For Building Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty seems to be quite a debated term on the net. There is such a thing as brand loyalty, but it is somewhat elusive, mainly because there are no shortcuts. To build brand loyalty you need to understand your customers … Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on October 19th 2016

A Complete Guide to Product Positioning

Smart, the shoebox-sized car that can hold two crushed humans, is made by Mercedes Benz. That’s not really common knowledge, because the car is marketed at a different group to the usual Mercedes customer. The two brands are worlds apart in … Read more

Consumer Insights By Kit Smith on October 18th 2016

Amanda Knox, Social Media & Netflix: Are We Becoming Virtual Cannibals?

The Amanda Knox documentary, latest in a growing line of popular depictions of high profile crimes, has the internet asking “Is Amanda Knox innocent?” Read more

Entertainment By Gemma Joyce on October 18th 2016

Gender in the Digital Age: Using Social Data to Challenge Misogyny and Toxic Masculinity

In Emma Watson’s HeForShe address to the UN back in 2014, she called for a drive towards gender equality reliant on both men and women. “We don’t often talk about men being imprisoned by gender stereotypes”, she explained, “but I can … Read more

Research By Edward Crook on October 18th 2016

New: Introducing Brandwatch For Students

They say school are the best years of your life. For some this is true, for others it couldn’t be further from the truth. One factor remains constant, school is important; what you learn, how your perspective of the world … Read more

Announcement By Emma Shanahan on October 17th 2016

The Hidden Cost of User Drop-off in Social Media Advertising

Global spending on social media advertising is forecast to reach $29.9bn in 2016. And it’s rising fast, predicted to grow a further 20% in 2017 – reaching $36bn and representing 16% of all digital ad spending. In this blog post … Read more

Marketing By Peter Morgan on October 17th 2016

The Complete Guide to Campaign Analysis

While there is obviously an artistic side to developing a good marketing campaign, increasingly it is also becoming a science. The rise of big data has meant that campaigns can now be analyzed in detail, with the results informing future strategy and … Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on October 17th 2016

The Best Holiday Marketing Campaigns and Why They Work

As we draw ever closer to the holiday season, we can look forward to pumpkin spiced lattes, cheap TVs, massive turkeys and great presents. Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on October 14th 2016