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11 Ways to Find Trending Topics on Social Media

Finding trending topics on social media can be an important tool in keeping your brand ahead of the competition. It can give you a better understanding of your audience and allow you to create interesting, relevant content. Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on August 23rd 2016

Can Machines Do the Work? Exploring the World of Data Science and AI

The blend of human and computer intelligence is happening right before us, shaping the society that we live in. Huge computing power has been unleashed, but the role of the human is still incredibly important. At our Now You Know Conference … Read more

Interview By Natalie Meehan on August 23rd 2016

Surviving? Ashley Madison One Year On From the Devastating Data Dump

It’s been a year since online dating service Ashley Madison was hit with one of the most publicized data breaches in internet history. Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on August 22nd 2016

Using Customer Voice to Optimize Social Engagement: The Case of the Scottish Whisky Industry

I have a friend who uses Instagram to raise awareness of his brand.  He is a big fan of Instagram and loves nothing more than getting a few hundred likes. The trouble is, recently the algorithms have changed and his … Read more

Consumer Insights By Jillian Ney on August 22nd 2016

Social Calls Out Sexism: Our Latest Data on the Olympics

The Olympics is going strong, and so is the social data. Read more

Trending By Gemma Joyce on August 19th 2016

Research: Consumer Insights for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is one of fierce competition and constant change. You only need to look at the list of brands that are no longer rolling down the open road to realize this. Read more

Consumer Insights By Kit Smith on August 19th 2016

Gamification, the Gig Economy and the Future of Crowdsourcing: What It Means for Brands

It’s fair to say that the retail landscape is rather tumultuous and unpredictable but, in reality, this uncertainty represents a fantastic opportunity for brands to step back and look at their business and take this time to capitalize on technological innovations … Read more

Consumer Insights By Leo Davie on August 18th 2016

How to Increase Your Brand Affinity: Discover Your Brand Personality

Building a relationship with your customers can ensure a long and healthy relationship. By defining what your brand stands for and it’s brand personality, you can build brand affinity with consumers. Increasing the emotional reasoning behind a purchase can override more … Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on August 18th 2016

Hiring for the Future: Building a Team Fit for a Social Business

Marketers, insights and analytics types at the world’s top agencies and brands often have something of an identity problem. The buzzwords of yesterday have become the jargon of today – social, digital and interactive teams have continued to struggle to … Read more

Commentary By Joel Windels on August 17th 2016

How to Calculate and Increase your Customer Retention Rate

Successfully growing a business isn’t just about winning new customers. Your existing customers have to be happy enough to keep purchasing from you. Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on August 17th 2016

React: Could the iPhone SE’s Success Have Been Predicted Using Social Data?

The iPhone SE has given Apple smartphone sales a welcome boost, but what does the social data say about the popular device? Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on August 16th 2016

Ideas from the Experts: Social Consumer Market Insights

It’s not lost on us here in the marketing team at Brandwatch that we have unfettered access to all the varied and interesting ways our clients use Brandwatch. Whether it be in our client stories Slack channel, in meetings, or just … Read more

We’re More Misinformed Than Ever: Looking at The Prevalence of Fake News

The internet is an open door to a whole world of information, but the lines between what is true and what is false are getting more blurred every day. Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on August 15th 2016