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Ask an Expert: How to Write a Brand Positioning Statement

People don’t tend to drive somewhere they’ve never been before without first consulting a map. Yet companies often continue down the road they are on without stopping to think where they want to go. Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on September 29th 2016

The Social Data Review of Great British Bake Off 2016

The celebration of niceness and comfort eating is back. Read more

Entertainment By Gemma Joyce on September 28th 2016

Case Study: EntSight on Comparing Perceptions of Smartwatch Features

This article, featuring analysis done by us here at EntSight, compares perceptions of smartwatch features between two groups – Journalists and influential Smartwatch Enthusiasts. Brandwatch Audiences was used to identify, filter and verify both audience groups – as well as gather initial insights about them. … Read more

Case Study By Edward Bass on September 28th 2016

Getting to Know You: A Complete Guide to Customer Research

The amount of data freely available online means there are multiple ways you can conduct online customer research. Using these methods can give you an ongoing, affordable understanding of your customers. With this knowledge you can better meet their needs, … Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on September 28th 2016

React: The First Presidential Debate in Four Social Data Charts

The first Presidential debate will go down in history as a key evening in the 2016 US presidential election. Read more

Politics By Gemma Joyce on September 27th 2016

The Social Outlook: Insights in Context

Insights consumers have been hoodwinked. Time and again they’ve accepted insights without understanding the context behind them. It seems obvious but often isn’t: data without context isn’t that useful. Consider a golfer who sinks a hole in four strokes. If … Read more

Research By James Lovejoy on September 27th 2016

Organic Social Media Reach is Falling: Here’s How B2B Marketers Can Fight the Drop

Global spending on social media advertising is forecast to reach $29.9bn in 2016. And it’s rising fast, predicted to grow a further 20% in 2017 – reaching $36bn and representing 16% of all digital ad spending. Social networks have made … Read more

Guide By Peter Morgan on September 26th 2016

React: The Most Influential Democrats on Twitter

Social media has played a huge role in the Presidential Election, and millions have taken to Twitter to make their views known. But who are the people being heard the loudest amid all the noise? Recently we took a look … Read more

Politics By Gemma Joyce on September 23rd 2016

Using Market Insights from Social Data to Drive Customer Loyalty

Social data has revolutionized marketing. The market insights extracted allow marketers to become increasingly efficient by revealing a more detailed picture of consumers. This nuanced picture of the audience has allowed for better market segmentation and targeting. Consumers can be … Read more

48 Social Media Marketing Tools and Resources

Whether you are new to the digital marketing game or an old hand, discovering resources and social media marketing tools can make operations more efficient and effective. Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on September 21st 2016

My Worst Habit is…: The Sweet, Gross and Dangerous Habits Tweeters Can’t Break

Bad habits are hard to break. That’s why we’ve written another blog post that makes us feel better about our own lives. Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on September 20th 2016

Written in the Stars: People Are Freaking Out About NASA “Changing” Their Star Signs

NASA has unintentionally angered astrologists in a bizarre uproar over changing star signs. Read more

Trending By Gemma Joyce on September 19th 2016

We Ask The Experts: How to Get Closer to Your Customers

More than ever before, consumers are now discussing their preferences, needs, likes and dislikes in an open online environment, accessible and easy to analyze if equipped with the right tools. Understanding the emotions and motivations behind customer behaviors allows marketers … Read more