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Social Media Management

Managing your organization’s social media activities across networks, regions, and teams can be a painful process. Having an all-in-one solution helps you maximize your time, reach, and impact across social.

Save time and avoid silos with a unified content calendar

Collaborate, schedule, edit, preview, and publish all your organic and paid content in one place, across regions.

Your comprehensive new content calendar

Easily engage with your audience

Maintaining a responsive, aligned brand voice is impossible without a collaborative platform. Make that easier by managing and automating cross-channel conversations in one customizable inbox.

Stay on top of trends with industry-leading social listening

Research and implement strategies to reach more of the people you want to attract and grow your audience.

Get the full picture on your performance across networks

Measure your performance across networks with easily customizable dashboards, and benchmark against competitors.

Why Brandwatch?

Without Brandwatch

Manage all your social accounts and activities in different native platforms manually

Reporting takes a long time to compile from different tools and you risk misrepresenting results

Collaboration is only possible via shared drives, Google Sheets, and long email threads

With Brandwatch

Manage content and interactions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more all in one place

Get a holistic overview of your social efforts with all key social metrics and report on your performance through customizable dashboards

Customize comprehensive workflows to manage social media creatives, messaging, and reports at scale

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