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Influencer Marketing

Finding the right influencer can be tricky, and managing those relationships can be even harder. Equip yourself with a solution that can handle the whole process, from influencer discovery through to campaign measurement.

Find the right influencers

Search and segment 30m+ global creators to pinpoint the perfect influencers across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok for your next campaign.

Filter and find the right influencers

Manage influencer relationships

Build a thriving private influencer network and easily access important information like payment details and contracts.

Measure campaign success

Easily generate sales materials, track deliverables, create real-time reports, and measure your ROI on any campaign you’ve created.

Why Brandwatch?

Without Brandwatch

Spend a lot of time trying to find influencers that can have a positive impact and will align with your business

Manually keep track of influencer details, contracts, and plans in multiple spreadsheets and email threads

Take screenshots and export data to report on campaigns

With Brandwatch

Quickly search an influencer database of over 30m creators based on the topics and metrics that matter to you

Keep all of the details, files, and documents linked to influencers in one place

Track all of your campaigns in real time and enable others to see customizable reports with shareable URLs

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Ready to build unstoppable influencer marketing campaigns?

Whether you’re brand or agency side, Influence creates a smooth experience for you and your influencers from start to finish.

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