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The experts here at Brandwatch are endlessly gathering intelligence from around the social web and, using our powerful tool, have produced a plethora of industry-leading reports.

Most of the things we put together are for our clients, but sometimes we like to share a little bit of the love with you likeable folk. Our selection presents insights from across a wide variety of topics and industries.

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We analyzed 19 million public tweets over a 4 year period to explore the current climate of misogyny and constructs of masculinity as expressed across social media. Download this report to discover:
  • 30% of behavior related conversation discussed crying as non-masculine
  • 52% of misogynistic language is by female authors
This report, the biggest of its kind, analyzes the social activity of 450 organizations and their consumers, in 15 industries. Download for access to:
  • The Social Industries Index
  • Social engagement benchmarks
  • Consumer & audience insights
  • Industry-specific research
For the second year in a row, Monster and Brandwatch joined forces to uncover how people really feel about their jobs. Discover:
  • Year-over-year data on how job sentiment on social has changed
  • Which U.S. state’s residents Tweet the most about loving their jobs
  • The day of the week people are most likely to tweet about loving their job vs. hating their job
This study looks at six of the UK’s top providers to ascertain their effectiveness in dealing with their customers via their nominated Twitter feed. It includes:
  • A look at the six biggest mobile networks’ customer service
  • Average response times for each brand
  • The most popular issues addressed to each network
In the following report, we analyze 50 consumer technology brands and examine:
  • The Consumer Technology Social Index
  • The Brand-Audience Relationship
  • Demographic Analyses
  • Brand Monitoring Within Product Sectors
  • Consumer Language Analyses
The Retail Report investigates over 10 million online conversations surrounding 43 major retailers, uncovering:
  • The Retail Social Index
  • Brand-audience relationships
  • Retailers’ response rates
  • Demographics analysis
  • Analysis on retail pharmacies
The following report examines the online conversation surrounding government, politics, and the social presence of 49 public sector agencies. Specifically, we explore:
  • The Public Sector Social Index
  • Research on agency-audience interactions
  • Sector-level and agency-level demographic analyses
  • In-depth sentiment and category analyses to reveal specific trends and crises
This report analyzes 48 automotive brands to provide a deeper understanding of the industry’s online presence. We specifically uncover:
  • The Automotive Social Index
  • Demographic analyses
  • Research on brand-audience interactions
  • Analysis of brand descriptors
  • Analysis of hybrid and electric vehicles
In the following report, we analyze 38 brands, uncovering:
  • Where discussions are taking place online
  • When brands and audiences communicate with each other
  • The demographics of those who engage with networks
In this luxury fashion report, we aim to understand the current online landscape, and analyze:
  • The luxury fashion social index
  • Luxury fashion audiences
  • Trends in luxury fashion
In this report, we analyze the impact of some key campaigns in Twitter’s history from #YesWeCan in 2008 to #ThisGirlCan in 2015 and explore:
  • The rise of the hashtag and its growing significance for marketers
  • Twitter’s role in the dramatically shifted marketing landscape
  • How starting a conversation can impact the effectiveness of social campaigns
This analysis of 25 telecommunications brands includes:
  • The Telecommunications Social Index
  • Demographic analyses
  • Research on brand-audience interactions
  • Analysis of key customer service issues
  • Research on customers intending to switch telecommunication services
Research done by independent research firm Forrester on point-solutions vs. social suites uncovered that:
  • 36% of marketers surveyed feeling misled by social suites that over-promise and under deliver
  • 92% of point solution customers believe that the platform they are using lives up to the promises made
The following report analyzes the conversation around 20 leading Industrial Technology businesses, specifically revealing:
  • The Industrial Tech Index
  • How brands and audiences interact
  • What Facebook content performs best
  • Industry-wide sentiment analysis
The following report aims to illustrate the online conversations of 20 leading construction companies. Specifically, we explore:
  • The Construction Social Index
  • How brands and audiences interact online
  • How different Facebook content resonates with audiences
  • The role of social in construction industry recruitment
In the following report, we analyze the online conversation around 20 major chemical businesses, uncovering:
  • The Chemical Social Index
  • How brands and audiences communicate online
  • Which Facebook posts resonate best with audiences
  • A comparison of Dupont and Dow Chemical conversation