Knowledge, analysis and insight.

The experts here at Brandwatch are endlessly gathering intelligence from around the social web and, using our powerful tool, have produced a plethora of industry-leading reports.

Most of the things we put together are for our clients, but sometimes we like to share a little bit of the love with you likeable folk. Our selection presents insights from across a wide variety of topics and industries.

Holy bananas. @Brandwatch is ridiculous in the amount of information it provides. Mind blowing."
- @ellebetz

In the following report we analyze opinion-based Twitter data around intent to shop or purchase discussions. The report includes:

  • A detailed look at hashtag campaigns
  • Analysis of over 20 top brands in sectors including electronics, clothing, toys and more
  • Share of voice for a dozen major retail stores
  • Data on the gender breakdown for top retailers

This analysis of 25 telecommunications brands includes:

  • The Telecommunications Social Index
  • Demographic analyses
  • Research on brand-audience interactions
  • Analysis of key customer service issues
  • Research on customers intending to switch telecommunication services

In this luxury fashion report, we aim to understand the current online landscape, and analyze:

  • The luxury fashion social index
  • Luxury fashion audiences
  • Trends in luxury fashion

In the following report, we analyze 38 brands, uncovering:

  • Where discussions are taking place online
  • When brands and audiences communicate with each other
  • The demographics of those who engage with networks

Research done by independent research firm Forrester on point-solutions vs. social suites uncovered that:

  • 36% of marketers surveyed feeling misled by social suites that over-promise and under deliver
  • 92% of point solution customers believe that the platform they are using lives up to the promises made

In this report, we analyzed running trends gleaned from tweets, and found that:

  • Sales, marketing and PR were professions most associated with fitness app running
  • Males were far more likely to tweet their running data

This report compares the different Twitter strategies of newspaper brands, and:

  • Shows how the strategies affect each audience
  • Examines and compares the top 10 UK newspaper brands

In this report, we aim to uncover:

  • How to use social intelligence for the social business
  • The risks of all-in-one solutions
  • The Brandwatch social intelligence model

In this report, analysts and researchers at Brandwatch & Monster discovered:

  • Details on the top jobs and job skills in each state
  • Gender demographics of loving vs. hating US jobs

This report explores:

  • Key insights across sectors
  • Alcohol trends across the US and UK
  • A study on brand responsiveness
  • A definitive ranking of 50 industry-leading brands

In the following B2B report, we:

  • Examine how over 200 American and British B2B organizations perform on social
  • Provide guidance on how such enterprises can truly take advantage of social data

This nonprofit report seeks to uncover:

  • Online behaviors of leading nonprofits and their followers
  • Insight on how to evaluate performance and optimize social strategies
  • The capabilities of social listening in market research

In this report, we seek to explore:

  • Key challenges facing pharmaceutical companies in their forays into social listening
  • Benefits of social listening illustrated with reference to a number of case studies drawn from a selection of therapy areas

In this research report on moods and social media, we learn:

  • How reported happiness differs by location
  • How our expressions of happiness differ throughout the week
  • What life topics affect our happiness the most

In this report, we examine the social media behaviors of retail brands, including:

  • How brands behave on a daily basis
  • The performance of customer service teams
  • The ways that brands maintain a proactive presence online

We discuss the current social landscape and expert listening strategies for the consumer tech industry, including:

  • Brand loyalty – a thing of the past?
  • The role of the internet & inside the purchase process
  • Using data to ensure campaign success