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Our in-house analysts gather intelligence from around the social web to present insights across a wide variety of topics and industries.

Our reports provide vital benchmarks and one-of-a-kind insights to support any business operating on social.

In this report, we use social data to uncover the true impact of technology on financial services customers. Learn:
  • Why nearly 60% of all bank complaints reference phone calls or visits
  • Why baby boomers are talking the most about insurance
  • How FinTech and social intelligence are
Brandwatch looked at 7 million conversations about the biggest tech companies and found the most important insights and trends shaping the industry in 2017, including:
  • How gender, interests, and age factor into tech conversations
  • Which posts get the most buzz on social media
In this report, we analyzed online conversations about technology to explore the relationship between customer sentiment, preferences, and innovation are to market success. We discover:
  • What social data revealed about technology brands
  • How conversations about innovation relate to purchase intent
  • Two ways consumer insights should drive innovation

We dug into millions of conversations and monitored 49 of the biggest CPG brands on social. In this snapshot, we discover:

  • Which CPG brands are leading the way on social
  • Why the customers talking about consumer goods differ from other industries
  • What makes CPG companies successful online
This report investigates the trends pushing the CPG sector towards social analytics, uncovering
  • The factors that have shaped the sector in the last decade
  • The unique setbacks and benefits of social analytics for CPG companies
  • Three ways leading CPG brands solve business problems with social data
115 millions conversations. 450 world-leading organizations. 15 industries. Analyzed. The Social Outlook is the definitive report on the state of social. Read the report to discover:
  • Which industries respond quickest to customer issues
  • How audience demographics change from industry-to-industy
  • Which brands are leading the way in each industry
  • How brands can benchmark in a wider online landscape
This report analyzes over 10 million online conversations surrounding 43 major retailers. Discover:
  • Which retailers are winning and losing on social
  • Brand-audience engagement benchmarks
  • Response rate benchmarks
  • Content performance benchmarks
  • Demographic analysis for online consumers
The following report examines the online conversation surrounding government, politics, and the social presence of 49 public sector agencies. Specifically, we explore:
  • The Public Sector Social Index
  • Research on agency-audience interactions
  • Sector-level and agency-level demographic analyses
  • In-depth sentiment and category analyses to reveal specific trends and crises
This report analyzes 48 automotive brands to provide a deeper understanding of the industry’s online presence. We specifically uncover:
  • The Automotive Social Index
  • Demographic analyses
  • Research on brand-audience interactions
  • Analysis of brand descriptors
  • Analysis of hybrid and electric vehicles
In the following report, we analyze 38 brands, uncovering:
  • Where discussions are taking place online
  • When brands and audiences communicate with each other
  • The demographics of those who engage with networks
In this luxury fashion report, we aim to understand the current online landscape, and analyze:
  • The luxury fashion social index
  • Luxury fashion audiences
  • Trends in luxury fashion
We analyzed 19 million public tweets over a 4 year period to explore the current climate of misogyny and constructs of masculinity as expressed across social media. Download this report to discover:
  • 30% of behavior related conversation discussed crying as non-masculine
  • 52% of misogynistic language is by female authors