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Crisis Management

When a crisis hits your brand, every second counts. Never miss a critical mention and ensure you have the tools you can trust to steer your teams through these make-or-break moments.

Get a critical head start

Real-time signals and alerts detect unusual activity or emerging crises and send automatic notifications directly to relevant internal and external stakeholders.

Monitor sentiment closely with live data

Empower your team to spot negative mentions as they happen and act quickly on potential crises before they escalate.

Align the entire organization

Share crucial comms across the organization and ensure the right people have the right information at all times. Be the single source of truth for leadership and your teams on the front line.

Understand the reaction of key audiences

Know whether a ‘crisis’ is occurring in a bubble or if it has the potential to really affect your reputation or share price by evaluating the attitudes of key audiences.

Why Brandwatch?

Without Brandwatch

React to crises once they have already gained momentum online and in the media

Respond to crises without being informed by the data

Misunderstand the real impact of a crisis or potential threat

With Brandwatch

Detect potential crises early and prevent them escalating with alerts that automatically sense unusual activity related to your brand

Equip your teams with real-time intelligence on how a crisis is being perceived and recommend an appropriate messaging and mitigation strategy

Understand the reaction of key audiences to predict and mitigate damage to your brand reputation

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