New Content: The Predictive Trend Spotting Guide

Learn how to spot trends

New Content: The Predictive Trend Spotting Guide

Learn how to spot trends
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Crisis Management

When a crisis hits your brand, every second counts. Never miss a critical mention and ensure you have the tools to steer your teams through these make-or-break moments.

Get a critical head start with real-time signals and alerts

Detect unusual activity or emerging crises and send automatic, real-time notifications directly to relevant internal and external stakeholders.

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Power your command center with live data to see trends instantly

Empower your team to spot negative mentions as they happen and act quickly on potential crises before they escalate.

Align the entire organization on the right information

Share crucial comms across the organization in real-time and ensure the right people have the right information at all times. Be the single source of truth.

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“About eight out of ten online situations that would have been classed as a crisis are now not a crisis situation anymore, because of Brandwatch and because of the severity matrix that was put in place.”

John Hunter, EDF Energy

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