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The #1 consumer
intelligence platform

When it comes to understanding consumers, businesses choose Brandwatch ahead of any other tool.


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How it Works

Four steps to
actionable insights


Collect millions of posts, comments, and conversations that are relevant to you.


Categorize conversations by feedback, complaints, opinions, and more.


Use AI to spot insights and answer your questions.


Share insights across your organization with alerts and live reports.

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Why Brandwatch?

Fastest growing dataset

Only Brandwatch provides the most historical and real-time consumer data.


1.7 trillion historical conversations back to 2010


501 million new conversations added every day


Official firehose access to Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit


Conversations from 100 million unique sites and billions of sources

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Our data and network coverage
We have the most comprehensive list of data sources and networks to help you achieve your brand’s goals.
Why Brandwatch?

Smartest artificial intelligence

Only Brandwatch has spent 17+ years developing industry-leading AI optimized for analyzing fast-changing, unstructured data.

AI Analyst

Iris, your AI analyst, automatically surfaces insights at a glance

Image analysis

Image analysis uncovers the objects, scenes, actions, and logos in every image

Auto segmentation

Machine learning classifiers automatically segment data to fit your needs

AI-powered search

Allowing anyone to instantly find relevant data on any brand or topic

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Why Brandwatch?

Powerful analysis

Only Brandwatch gives you the speed and flexibility to craft compelling data stories at this scale.


Flexible UI can be combined in thousands of ways to find any insight


Choose from 50+ live visualizations to analyze data


Upload your own data to spot sentiment, key topics, and historical trends


Analyze vast data sets and overlay custom audiences of millions at speed

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Why Brandwatch?

Instant reporting

Only Brandwatch combines all this with the tools to create a data-driven culture in your organization.


Instantly share insights via Excel, PPT, PDF, or via the Brandwatch API


Set up automated AI-powered email alerts to key stakeholders in your business


Send live data to any screen across your organization with Vizia


Measure how many people view, engage with, and rate your reports with Vizia

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Consumer Research forms the basis of Brandwatch's consumer intelligence solution, with add-on apps providing enhanced functionality for specific use cases.

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Consumer Research
Brand and market intelligence
Understand your consumers, your brand, and your market
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Intelligent reporting
Embed data in the heart of your business

Falcon.io is now part of Brandwatch.
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Existing customer?Log in to access your existing Falcon products and data via the login menu on the top right of the page.New customer?You'll find the former Falcon products under 'Social Media Management' if you go to 'Our Suite' in the navigation.

Paladin is now Influence.
You're in the right place!

Brandwatch acquired Paladin in March 2022. It's now called Influence, which is part of Brandwatch's Social Media Management solution.Want to access your Paladin account?Use the login menu at the top right corner.