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Iris is your AI companion, using cutting-edge tech to streamline your work. It handles manual, time-consuming tasks, giving your teams time to focus on strategic priorities. From research to content creation, Iris is here to help.

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AI innovators since 2008

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Accelerate search

Discover and analyze a vast number of online conversations quickly.Iris search lets you choose any brand, product, or topic and instantly returns relevant conversations – without the need to write boolean queries from scratch.Iris peak detection deep dives into a large set of online conversations to pinpoint and explain spikes in overall volumes or categories, helping you surface trends faster.

Identify insights

Deep dive into a large amount of online data to explain topics and audiences that are driving online conversations.Powered by OpenAI, Iris conversation insights instantly summarizes online mentions from any data point, to identify the main themes and topics behind them in natural language.Iris topic analysis turns keyword clouds into automatically curated analysis of the key entities and themes in your data.

Create content effortlessly

Powered by OpenAI, Iris writing assistant is here to help you with everything related to creating text: from social posts and ads, to replies to customers’ messages. Iris can make your drafts better by improving text and it can also create social posts from scratch based on your brand's personality.Iris can automatically create replies for your customers’ inquiries based on a conversation’s context.

Analyze own performance

Powered by OpenAI, Iris content insights analyzes your social media posts as well as those of your competitors to inform your social media decision-making.Iris summarizes your competitors’ latest posts on social to identify their social media strategies; themes, topics, hashtags of their posts.Iris compares your posts and its comments by users to help identify your best performing posts.

Trust in our expertise

AI innovators since 2008

We are constantly exploring new ways to turn the latest developments into trustworthy, scalable and efficient solutions.

The best of both worlds

We build solutions that are intuitive and reliable and unlock human creativity and collaboration.

Building AI responsibly

With Brandwatch you can always be confident you’re working with the most compliant technology and data security.

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"For us at Hilton, one of the key differentiators of Brandwatch is ease of use. Iris Conversation Insights is another example of an innovative new feature that is clean, simple but effective, helping us to gain insight into conversation faster."

Alejandro Garcia De Leon, Senior Manager, Social Intelligence, Hilton

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