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From product development, to campaign measurement, to consumer insights - we make it our business to learn every social intelligence use-case inside out.

Learn how to make social data work for your business with our practical and inspiring guides.

Product Guide: Historical Data

This guide explains why historical data is valuable and how it can be used to aid your social analysis using real examples and Brandwatch tips. Specifically we discuss:
  • How historical data helps predict future purchases
  • How a games manufacturer changed how it measured campaigns
  • How Tesla analyzed the Mexican automotive market
  • How questioning seasonality helped Unilever optimize its ads

Social Listening in Practice: Product Development

Great innovations can come from anyone – just make sure you're listening. This guide explores:
  • Social Media as an Idea Generator
  • Aggregate Product Feedback
  • Competitor Product Analysis
  • Product Release Monitoring
  • Audience Analyses

Social Consumer Insights Q&A

This Q&A details:
  • How businesses should be using social data insights
  • The benefits of social data consumer insights vs. traditional research
  • How to prove ROI and get executive buy-in

The Case for Social Consumer Insights

Learn how social media intelligence can fill gaps in your research mix.
  • Six unique benefits of social media research
  • Four key layers of the social intelligence stack
  • Eight core applications of social media data for modern businesses

Ideas from the Experts: Social Consumer Market Insights

This paper offers an inside look into how social consumer market insights work at the world’s biggest brands and agencies. As part of a roundtable discussion, we cover:
  • Who owns social listening?
  • How our guests blend social data with other research methods
  • How they assess and predict brand health
  • How social CMI can help define a value proposition

Thoughts on Social: Crafting a Brand Identity

This guide offers advice on how social listening can inform branding strategies. Specifically, we discuss:
  • How to create meaningful customer experiences
  • How businesses can better understand their brand identity
  • How to identify gaps in a market
  • How to create meaningful customer experiences

Social Listening in Practice: Competitive Intelligence

This guide outlines the practical ways you can use social data to get the edge on your competitors. You will learn how to:
  • Understand your market share across different locations and demographics
  • Develop competitive products
  • Refine product positioning and marketing messages
  • Identify customers who are thinking of switching to a competitor, and vice versa
  • Forecast sales projections across your market

Social Listening in Practice: SEO & Content Strategy

This practical guide provides specific suggestions on how social intelligence can promote SEO & Content strategies.
  • Create content ideas based on audience interests and demographics
  • Uncover potential backlinks
  • Conduct social keyword research
  • Develop real-time content

Thoughts on Social: The Hidden Value of a Social Strategy

This whitepaper introduces several areas where the benefits of a strong social strategy are hidden, specifically covering:
  • Word-of-mouth recommendations
  • Customer service
  • Market research
  • Employee Engagement

Social Listening in Practice: Social Selling

This guide is an overview of how to generate leads on social:
  • Real-world case studies
  • Practical advice on how to make sure your business is making the most of this opportunity

Social Listening in Practice: Customer Service

This guide is an overview of social customer service, and provides:
  • Examples of best practices
  • Strategic considerations for brands to who are looking to review their customer service approach

Social Listening in Practice: Community Management

In this guide, we’ll give a complete overview on how community managers can:
  • Grow their audience
  • Keep their community happy
  • Turn satisfied customers into passionate advocates

Social Listening in Practice: PR Measurement

In this guide, we’ll share how PR professionals can quantify PR efforts and:
  • How to track your organization’s reputation, easily
  • Quick wins for PR tracking online
  • Real case studies from brands who have used online PR to measure success

Social Listening in Practice: Market Research

This guide looks at how to use social data for market research in a number of different scenarios, including:
  • Creating a series of regular reports of a new advertising campaign
  • Carrying out more detailed research among a defined audience
  • Joining up social analytics and CRM systems

Social Listening in Practice: Campaign Measurement

This guide provides a number of helpful tips for an effective evaluation of campaign activity, including:
  • How to distinguish between measurement types
  • An in-depth view on campaign measurement frameworks and dashboards
  • Common campaign objectives

Social Listening in Practice: Reputation & Crisis Monitoring

This guide is an introductory overview of best practices for crisis and issues communications in the social media age, focusing on:
  • What reputation monitoring actually means
  • How to identify a crisis, asses the damage and best react
  • Real-world case studies from Boeing & Asiana, Beverly Hills Hotel & United Airlines