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From product development, to campaign measurement, to consumer insights - we make it our business to learn every social intelligence use-case inside out.

Learn how to make social data work for your business with our practical and inspiring guides.

Social Listening in Practice: Logo Recognition

As the technology improves, so do the marketing opportunities. This guide explores the growing need for logo recognition and image analysis, and outlines three logo recognition use cases that are invaluable for enterprise companies.

Insights Center of Excellence Q&A

This Q&A is a valuable resource providing expert insights on how businesses can create an insights-driven Center of Excellence to quickly and smartly share real-time insights throughout the business.

Championing the Customer Experience

Being a marketer has never been so complex or challenging, but there is a clear path to success. Learn how to make customer experience your biggest competitive advantage.

Vizia 2: Enabling Agility, Collaboration, & Focus

Find out how better data communication, through the Vizia 2 platform, can make your business more agile, collaborative, and focused. Read this guide to also get a sneak peak on specific features and Vizia use-cases.

The Vizia 2 Platform: Bringing Insights to Light

Bringing Insights to Light reveals how the Vizia 2 platform faciliates insights communication Monster, Kohler, Ogilvy and Mindshare. Specifically, we discuss how Vizia helps businesses:
  • Deliver the right insights to the right people
  • Align a team’s knowledge base
  • Make quicker data-backed decisions
  • Simplify how data is consumed

Product Guide: Historical Data

This guide explains why historical data is valuable and how it can be used to aid your social analysis using real examples and Brandwatch tips. Specifically we discuss:
  • How historical data helps predict future purchases
  • How a games manufacturer changed how it measured campaigns
  • How Tesla analyzed the Mexican automotive market
  • How questioning seasonality helped Unilever optimize its ads

Social Listening in Practice: Product Development

Great innovations can come from anyone – just make sure you're listening. This guide explores:
  • Social Media as an Idea Generator
  • Aggregate Product Feedback
  • Competitor Product Analysis
  • Product Release Monitoring
  • Audience Analyses

Social Consumer Insights Q&A

This Q&A details:
  • How businesses should be using social data insights
  • The benefits of social data consumer insights vs. traditional research
  • How to prove ROI and get executive buy-in

The Case for Social Consumer Insights

Learn how social media intelligence can fill gaps in your research mix.
  • Six unique benefits of social media research
  • Four key layers of the social intelligence stack
  • Eight core applications of social media data for modern businesses

Ideas from the Experts: Social Consumer Market Insights

This paper offers an inside look into how social consumer market insights work at the world’s biggest brands and agencies. As part of a roundtable discussion, we cover:
  • Who owns social listening?
  • How our guests blend social data with other research methods
  • How they assess and predict brand health
  • How social CMI can help define a value proposition

Thoughts on Social: Crafting a Brand Identity

This guide offers advice on how social listening can inform branding strategies. Specifically, we discuss:
  • How to create meaningful customer experiences
  • How businesses can better understand their brand identity
  • How to identify gaps in a market

Social Listening in Practice: Competitive Intelligence

This guide outlines the practical ways you can use social data to get the edge on your competitors. You will learn how to:
  • Understand your market share across different locations and demographics
  • Develop competitive products
  • Refine product positioning and marketing messages
  • Identify customers who are thinking of switching to a competitor, and vice versa
  • Forecast sales projections across your market